On Mommy Overload and Toddlers Needing A Break

As I sat there today trying to respond to a simple text while my toddler swarmed all over me like I was some weirdly shaped set of monkey bars, I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe,  my kid is a little too attached to me.


Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my daughter and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do so when so many parents can’t afford to stay at home with their kids, but there’s only so many times in a day that you can hear ‘Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!’ without legitimately fearing for your sanity.

Everyone knows that stay at home moms need grown-up time away from the kids to keep from going crazy, but I think it’s just as important for kids to get kid-time away from their Mommy to keep from getting bored and frustrated.

Seriously guys, there’s only so many games of dollhouse tea party or hours of living room soccer I can play before starting to seriously consider driving that toy spatula through my eye, and I’m pretty sure Lilly feels the same about Mommy’s continuous need for bathroom breaks, tea breaks and barricade-yourself-in-the-walk-in-pantry-to-scroll-through-Instagram-for-5-mins breaks.

In the words of Ross and Racheal, I think Lilly and I need a break. We need to see other people, expand our horizons, do stuff without each other for a change. I’m pretty sure my sanity depends on it 😁.

What do you think? Do you think kids needs mommy-free time as much as moms need grownup time? 


27 thoughts on “On Mommy Overload and Toddlers Needing A Break

  1. I never thought of it that way but I think you’re right. Moms only have so many tricks in their bag of tricks, and little ones probably do get a bit bored with them sometimes…especially on long, cold rainy weeks…

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  2. Absolutley I think kids need breaks from parents and vice versa.
    Growing up my mom was a SAHM and I have 2 younger brothers, so she heard “mom, mommy, mama, mother” every 2 minutes. She sometimes would say she changed her name 😂 to “Mrytle” or “Gertrude” it would make us laugh, but now that I look back, I think she was serious haha

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    1. Kids need time away from mommy just as much as moms need a break, they’re just not good at expressing it as vocally as we do 😂 Good to know you guys got some nice time apart!


      1. Hahahaha! I don’t think anyone is going to argue with that! If we didn’t get breaks how on earth would we manage to watch ‘new’ movies mere months after they came out! 😂

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  3. Oh yes! I take #1 Grandson to our library Storytime/Playtime 1 to two times a week. It’s been really neat watching him go from a loner to playing and interacting with the other kids during the free playtime after story time. During that free play time we parents and grandparents enjoy talking to each other too!

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    1. that sounds like a lot of fun! Lilly gets regular playdates too, but I’m of course there too! I think it’s important for kids to get time away from their parents too so they can grow in confidence

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  4. I definitely think kids need parent breaks just as badly as we need kid breaks. My MIL loves to tell me that to make sure she gets the kids overnight, but it’s true.

    Baby Girl (who is 22 months) will be starting preschool for two mornings a week in the fall. I think it’ll do her loads of good as it did for LM.

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  5. Oh yes, the kids need time away from us as much as we need time away from them…the 6.5 year old has figured this out and hides away in his room; the 2 year old…yeah, not so much yet, even if he does so much better after a day at daycare, or an hour playing with his big bro.

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  6. Its so hard to get a break as a SAHM! By the time my husband is home he has so much that he wants to do that I don’t get a break. He thinks its my job, and it is but I need a break to! I wouldn’t trade staying home for anything, its great to know that my child is getting great care! We all need a break though 🙂

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