Through the Lens: Edges

Recently, more than a few people have accused me of seeking out scary stuff for my Instagram and miscellaneous social media feeds, that I always manage to find the creepy in the mundane. They know I’m into scary movies and creepy podcasts, but why the scary pictures they ask? Sorry guys, what can I say, the creepy stuff just seems to find me πŸ™‚




19 thoughts on “Through the Lens: Edges

  1. Love it! This reminds me of a FB post I saw last week about an abandoned amusement park in the city where our son goes to college. It was a slide show of photos from its heyday mixed with photos of what it looks like now, literally falling down and being taken over by weeds. Honestly, it was terrifying. Small time amusement parks are plenty creepy in their best days; when they’re falling apart they look like the setting of a an axe-murderer movie!

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    1. Abandoned amusement parks are definitely the stuff of nightmares 😁 These abandoned tracks were on a very nice nature trail which must be creepy as hell at night time! But I must say, the right angles and filters can make anything look creepy πŸ˜‰

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