Through the Lens: Pop of Color

Me to my 2 year old: Which kite do you want to get Lilly?

Lilly: Aenbow dass!

Husband: what’s that?

Lilly: Aenbow dass pony!

Husband: what?

Me: She means Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony.

Husband: … Ok then.




6 thoughts on “Through the Lens: Pop of Color

  1. Awesome! We stopped by McDonald’s to get the Transformer Happy Meal toy for 3 yr old #1 Grandson. To his dismay they were out so gave him two other toys instead a penguin with a rolling wheel and Rainbow Dash My little Pony and she came with stickers.
    He said he was going to give Rainbow Dash to his cousin which I thought was adorable and a great idea; she would love it, but the longer he looked at the Pony the more he wanted it.

    He opened it, put the stickers on it and declared it his! 🙂

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