Excuse Me While I Go Full Girly Girl For a Minute Here..

I tend to wear a lot of hats these days: wife, mom, cook, maid, wiper of tears, kisser of scraped knees, laundress, organizer, handyman, toddler entertainment expert and general picker up of discarded toys. On the inside though, I’m still the excitable 15 year old who gets giddy over a pretty pair of shoes.

floral pumps

At the expense of sounding stereotypical, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for pretty things: a pretty dress, a pretty pair of shoes, a pretty picture, a pretty piece of decor, you name it and I’ll go all high pitched and happy over it. What can I say: I’m a girly girl at heart.

Which of course means that the best part of spring (other than the beautiful weather of course) is the new spring looks and collections that blast my social media, inbox and mailbox this time of year.

I am not a fashion or lifestyle blogger, not by a long shot, but can I take a moment and totally fangirl over these awesomely pretty things that I want on my Spring fashion wish list? Pretty please? Thank you!


These dresses! How princess-y is that?? I love these full skirted, 1950s style dresses that you can really do serious twirls in. I refuse to believe that any day can get so frustrating that a good twirl can’t put a smile on your face!

floral pumps
I love these floral heels that seem to be all the rage these days. They add a pop of color and hint of spunk to any outfit, and they definitely go a long way towards brightening up a long and tiring day.

bucket bag
These mini bucket bags look super cute and I really want to get one this season, but practically speaking they’re not exactly made for moms. Sure it’ll fit my wallet, tissues and makeup, but where will I put the baby wipes, first aid kit, emergency toys, crackers, extra clips and emergency wipes (in case the first pack runs out)?

I think that’s enough of my fashion wish list for now, and I shall save you all from further gushing on my part. Thank you all for putting up with the excited girly girl that apparently lives very close to the surface within me! Now excuse me while I go wipe a runny nose and twirl around the house in my bunny slippers because I’m in my happy place right now πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Go Full Girly Girl For a Minute Here..

  1. Get as fashion-y as you want! I would never begrudge a person their urge to dress up and go in style, even if it’s an urge I lack. ^_^ I think I have one or two “outfits” around here somewhere…

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