Through the Lens: Sunlight

Dolls: creepy no matter how tiny they are or how much sunlight you shine on them..




16 thoughts on “Through the Lens: Sunlight

  1. Lol! No, sometimes they just get moody and pull a face. I have quite a few dolls, that I used to have sitting in and around the house, and one of my porcelain dolls creeps out my daughter…since she was a,wee little thing she would tell me that doll was,evil. I’ve never seen that doll that way. Now my dolls are packed and put away. They are sometimes brought out at Christmas with the Bears though.

    I think that doll is cute!

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      1. Oh yeah, scary movies with that doll would do it. I haven’t been able to watch those kind of scary movies since my early 20’s. It was about that time they started getting really realistic, and gory. Texas Chainsaw massacre was the last straw for me and those kind of movies.


  2. I watched The Ring, and that’s about as a creepy as I’ll watch. That one was CREEPY! I love suspense, mystery, and crime dramas though, and old B movie thrillers like Outer Limits, and Twilight Zone, and when I was girl we had Saturday night Creature Features which were old black and white horror movies. They were funny, campy, and just creepy enough. πŸ™‚

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      1. Then we might read the same books and appreciate the same novelist. Martha Grimes Richard Jury novels, Sir Arthur Conan Dolye’s Sherlock Holmes, all Agatha Christie’s mystery novels, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels, Robert B. Parker’s Spencer novels, and Tony Hillerman to name a few are among my top favorites. I re-read these novels every few years I love them so much…like my favorite poets.

        The Ring I’ve watched twice. The first time I didn’t quite get it. I think there was a sequel,but I only made it though a quarter of the way though it. My daughter loves this kind of creepy. Not me!

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      2. I think I need to find some of those authors you mentioned! I’ve only read a few of them😁 Agatha Christie is one of my favorites though! I’ve read everything she’s written, then re-read it a few times for good measure. My mom was the avid fan to be honest, I got my love of Christie from her and her extensive collection ☺️

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  3. If you like AC then you’ll probably like Martha Grimes, Tony Hillerman’s Leaphorn series, and Lee Child a relatively new author, but really intense and a good writer. His Reacher series is really good.
    If you like historical romance fiction read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. OMG!! I’m so in love with with the characters! She’s a fantastic writer. She is or was Literature Professor so she knows good writing and grammar. The books are a brick each and there 8 or 9 books in the series so far. I can’t wait for the next one! I reread the books while waiting for the next book.

    There’s romance, history, mystery, drama, and suspense in each novel! To tide one through the long process of writing a novel she has written short stories of Lord John. He’s quite the character and she’s written brilliant novels of his time before and between meetings with the Fraisers. The main characters of her Outlander Series.
    Have you read it?
    I have very little space for books in my house and this series has earned a place in my precious little book case along with AC, Martha Grimes, and Tony Hillerman. The rest are largely reference books and poetry.

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