How (Not) to Get Stuff Done

Since my first attempt at a crafty project, I’ve been dying to try my hand at something similar again. I had so much fun doing it and actually ended up creating something I didn’t hate! My 2 year old on the other hand apparently has other ideas when it comes to giving me the space and time to actually do it…

frazzled mom

The 11 steps of attempting creativity with a toddler around:

Step 1: lay out all your materials

Step 2: Have a mini heart attack when your two year old swipes the scissors. Lunge at her before she can do any damage and accidentally scare her into tears

Step 3: Spend 15 mins consoling a wailing toddlers who is convinced that the scissors are the bestest and most amazing toy in the whole wide world and mommy is deliberately trying to keep them all to herself

Step 4: Move your project supplies to a work surface the 2 year old can’t reach

Step 5: Pull up the instructions on your laptop, realize you forgot to charge said laptop and end up spending another 10 minutes hunting for the charger

Step 6: Return with charger only to find your enterprising 2 year old next to your work table climbing onto a stool she lugged over from the kitchen. Scream and lunge for her once again.

Step 7:  Spend another 15 mins explaining to your little one why she can’t play with the scissors.

Step 8: Return stool to kitchen and bribe toddler with My Little Pony cartoons so she’ll stay out of your hair for a while.

Step 9: Spend 3 minutes on project, start feeling guilty about ignoring your child

Step 10: Feel anxiety set in, convince yourself you’re a horrible mother for ignoring your sweet little baby and for even wanting ‘me’ time.

Step 11: Put away supplies, run off to shower your bewildered toddler with cuddles and kisses, promise yourself you’ll definitely work on your project tomorrow.


14 thoughts on “How (Not) to Get Stuff Done

  1. Hahaha 😂 This is spot on! It’s a shame we don’t know each other in real life- we could get together so our kids could entertain each other while we try to finish our craft projects lol

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