How to Save Your Sanity One Podcast at a Time

It is official: I am totally and completely smitten with the world of podcasts. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, drama or comedy, you name it and I’ll (probably) listen to it. I just can’t seem to get enough of them, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time in my life. Between having a toddler around who parrots any ‘bad words’ on TV like a furby, never having the time to sit still long enough to watch an entire episode or movie and basically getting bombarded with demands for My Little Pony any time the TV is switched on, TV watching has become a rarity for me.

pictured: an underestimated form of torture


Enter podcasts to save the day (and my sanity)! Your TV being held hostage by a 2 year old and you need some ‘me time’? No new books to read but need a form of mental escape? Ready to jump out the window if you hear the finger family song one more darn time? No problem! Just pop on some headphones, queue up a few episodes of your favorite podcasts and go about your routine of cooking, cleaning and scratching play doh out of the carpet without going crazy! Yay!

Currently I’m binge listening to the Lore Podcast and let me tell you,it is definitely addictive. Between Lore, The Black Tapes, Tanis and Limetown, I do believe my sanity has been saved.

At least till I run out of podcasts to listen to that is…
Do you like podcasts? Got any favorites? How do you preserve your sanity?


12 thoughts on “How to Save Your Sanity One Podcast at a Time

    1. Hahaha! Ah yes the secrets :p There’s a podcasts app and you can download it for free! Then it’s just the opening of the app, and choosing a podcast to listen to! They are all free 🙂 you can download them or stream them and you can subscribe to the ones you like so new episodes will downloads automatically 🙂 If you like spooky, try Lore and The Black Tapes podcasts! If that’s not your thing try the Ted talks podcast, or Truth. There’s different genres so just check out whichever you find interesting!


  1. Sometimes I listen to comedy podcasts with my husband in the car. I can never find good informative ones for myself. Thanks for sharing these. Also, echoing Ashley’s question above, WHERE do you access them?! 🙂

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    1. There’s all sorts of podcasts, something for everyone as they say 🙂 You can download the podcast app on most smartphones and you can access the entire gallery of podcasts sorted by genre, rating, etc from the app itself!

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    1. I’ve reached the Halloween episodes so will probably come across the ones you mean! Not all of the episodes are equally good, that’s true, but overall it’s a great podcast 🙂

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  2. I listened to a fascinating podcast just recently about the “father of women’s health” who, in reality, did tons of experimental surgeries on black women in the late 1800’s without anesthesia because he believed black people, especially black women, don’t feel pain (meaning they weren’t fully human). It was a real eye opener. There are still statues in tribute to this torturer standing today. I don’t often take the trouble to find podcasts, but when I ran across this one I was mesmerized.

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