Texting at Costco and Mom Goals

Text conversations can be short and to the point, deeply emotional, purely functional or beautifully random. My conversations with my teenage nephews always seem to fall into the last of those categories.

Case in point, the following conversation I had with one of my nephews the other day (my responses are the ones in blue):

Life is never boring when you’ve got toddlers in the house and teenage nephews a text message away πŸ˜‚


14 thoughts on “Texting at Costco and Mom Goals

      1. I have none 😒 one day inshallah when bro stops being a player πŸ˜‘ p.s. back on the land of tweet! @leetamo come find me. I have no friends. Hashtag injustice πŸ’”

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      2. Hahaha! To be honest, I only have a toddler nephew and baby niece, my teenage nephews are all on my husbands side of the family πŸ˜‚ but I still love them like my own so there’s that!
        I shall come find you in Twitter land! No followers is a grave injustice indeed 😝

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      3. Aww mashallah. I just want someone to call me something out of respect! Like khala etc. Even little sis is asking to not call me Didi (big sis) anymore. I was like nah fam. What is this blasphemy doe πŸ˜‘

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      4. Lol! It gets old fast though when little kids start calling you ‘Aunty’ and you just want to kill yourself πŸ˜“ I swear I will never be old enough to be called Aunty! I turned 30 and I already feel like my life is over πŸ˜“

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