The Thing about Diet and Fitness Challenges

Diet and fitness ‘systems’: there’s apparently thousands of them out there from the well known (Weight Watchers and Atkins), to the fads (vegetable soup diet), to the utterly ridiculous (every diet pill ever).

The thing is, the same system doesn’t seem to work for everyone, with some getting awesome results while others gnash their teeth in frustration when the scale doesn’t budge even a pound. The problem isn’t even with the system itself, a lot of them are probably quite good, the problem is with the people doing them: everyone has a different personality that is better suited to a different plan.


For instance, I can’t seem to stick to any plan that involves me giving up a certain type of food (bread, carbs, meat, etc) because that requires too much effort what with meal planning, not cooking your usual recipes and having to really dissect the menu when you’re eating out. Or it could be because I’m secretly still 6 and just can’t stay away from something that I have been told I can’t have. Tell me I can’t do something and you better bet your tail feathers I’ll be doing that exact thing within the hour.

diet-funny Sigh.

So yes, diet and fitness systems are great and amazing and seem to give some people awesome results, but only if you manage to stick to the letter and the law for as long as it takes. Half my problem is of course that I am too fickle with any system I try to follow. I tried doing the 30-day no-soda challenge and lasted all of 6 days.


Out of 30. To be clear, the challenge was only asking me to give up coke/pepsi/etc. for a month, nothing more. Apparently I’m more addicted to coca cola than I thought.


Give this up for 30 days? Hell no!

Ok, so maybe I need to aim lower, try something that doesn’t require commitment for a whole entire month. Fine.

I tried the 7 day vegetable soup diet. I can last 7 days right? A week isn’t that long, right?

I lasted 2 days.

How about the 3 day detox diet? 3 should be easy peasy, I won’t even notice 3 days going by!

I lasted 4 hours.

4 H-O-U-R-S.


Anyone heard of any 3 hour diet plans I can try my hand at? I’m sure I’ll manage to stick to that. I’m sure I won’t be totally breaking my diet 9 minutes into the challenge… right?



Have you ever managed to stick to a diet or fitness challenge? Which one do you like best? Are you on a diet right now? Can I interest you in some ice cold Coke?



18 thoughts on “The Thing about Diet and Fitness Challenges

  1. I am sticking to my low carb life style and exercise(just started my water exercises whiwho love ). It works for my health problems as nothing else has. I am enjoying experimenting with recipes i have low carb bread and deserts so I am happy with it. Everyone needs to do what works for them.

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  2. I’m absolutely terrible at dieting. TERRIBLE. I like chocolate chip cookies way too much and I turn into a raving you know what when I’m not eating things I want to. But working out- that I can do. Which works, until you hurt your shoulder and your back and just sit around and eat like you are able to workout, but your not. *sigh* It’s been a bad week! (Oh and the only time i have ever been successful dieting was just plain ole calorie counting because then I could still eat a cookie, I just had to eat less of something else, which is totally worth it mentally if not nutritionally!)

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    1. I like the calorie counting thing best as well but it’s difficult to get the calorie count of homemade food right and ordering dinner according to calories when you go out is just depressing 🙈
      How did you manage to hurt your shoulder and back? Nothing serious I hope..?

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      1. I agree. I often find I eat crappier calorie counting becuase it’s “easier” Defeat the purpose much…

        Ummm I think I hurt my shoulder a few months ago by… and yes I know this sounds ridiculous. Splitting wood for too many hours followed by practicing headstands. It was better-ish now it’s not. I’m going to the dr. on Friday and crossing my fingers they have something positive to say. The back I think was actually a hip thing I just strained a muscle working out, it’s better now. Practiced capoeira for three hours today and then ate *everything* so life is good! 🙂

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  3. I have to cut out carbs but ’tis hard coz I love them 😢 you can interest me in an ice coke indeed. In return I will give you a barrell of laughs 😂 go read my last post to understand. Hashtag don’t even ask 😑 x

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  4. Ugh I can’t stick to any of these either! I always think the no-(carbs etc) diets don’t work for me, because once you come off of it and start eating carbs again, bam, there it is. Unless the idea is to shirk carbs forever? Shudder. Regardless, last New Year (14/15) The Boy and I decided on a rule that we wouldn’t have soda in the house to remove the temptation. We decided not to ban it all together, because that was never going to happen, so now we only ever drink it when we are out for drinks or dinner etc. I’m genuinely surprised we’ve made it this long but we have! (It’s the only thing I’ve ever successfully quit!) 🙂

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