Toddler Logic

Toddlers have it good: they get to say whatever they want, make absolutely no sense whatsoever, and still win every argument. After all, how can you lose when you don’t have to make any sense, right?

Case in point: the following actual conversation I had with my 2 year old which left me feeling completely confused.

Me: Baby why were you crying at the birthday party?

2 year old: I was crying like this mommy!

*pretends to cry loudly*

Me: Yes I know, but WHY were you crying?

2 year old: *looks at me like I’m stupid* Because I was crying mommy.

Me: ….





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11 thoughts on “Toddler Logic

  1. Hahahaha – classic! I’m not sure what age they tend to be when they finally understand what “why” actually means. I know a five-year-old who asks “why” questions constantly, when she’s really not looking for reasons for anything. It’s just her tactic for creating conversation.

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