Dialling Up the Creepy in Kids TV

Do you own a TV? Do you have a toddler or two running around the place? Then chances are you’ve been forced to watch some toddler-friendly, heavy on primary colours kids TV channels from time to time.

However, despite it’s annoying manically happy vibes and its tendency to break the fourth wall every 2 mins, in general, kids TV isn’t all that bad, in small doses anyway.


Some shows though, some shows end up inadvertently leaving sanity behind and descending into the realm of the downright creepy. Now I know the obviously questionable shows on ‘kids channels’ and know how to spot them (anyone remember ‘Cow and Chicken’?) but sometimes a show seems tame enough till you really start watching it and realise the implications of what’s happening.

Why am I suddenly dissecting kids shows for their implications you ask? Well, it started out normally enough with turning on the TV and switching to Lilly’s de facto channel of choice: Sprout. Now Sprout is a great preschooler channel and I would completely endorse it for anyone looking for a kids friendly channel. This day in particular though had a show on that I hadn’t really seen (or paid attention to) before: Noodle and Doodle.


Noodle and Doodle is a typical enough kids show on the surface: A friendly host with a puppet sidekick who travel around the country helping kids with simple crafts projects and cooking easy and healthy snacks. The more I watched it though, the creepier it started to seem.

First off is the host:


I don’t know about you but that slightly crazy-eyed smile he’s got going there really started to creep me out a few minutes into the show.

Next comes the premise: the host Sean and his puppet co-host Noodle drive around in their (seemingly) windowless RV, inviting kids into the said RV with promises of ‘fun times’ and snacks.

Somehow this is starting to sound more like the premise for a late-night PSA on child safety than a fun kids show.

Next, you realise that the kids never see Noodle but only hear about him from Sean who promises them that the friendly puppet is upstairs working on some ‘special treats’ for the kids.

Ok then.

Lastly, the kids never see the ‘snacks’ being made. No, Sean goes upstairs to make the snacks with Noodle before coming back down into the windowless lower story of the RV and offering the ‘special’ snack to the kids.

pictured: the windowless white van 2.0

I don’t know about you, but this is starting to read like a what-not-to-do guide for kids and the run-up to a cautionary tale about the dangers of entering windowless vehicles owned by smiling strangers offering ‘special treats’.

So yes, I don’t know exactly what the execs at Sprout were thinking when this premise was pitched to them, but it is definitely not a show I would want Lilly to watch or to learn from..


Have you seen this show? Do you find it creepy or is it just me? What are some of the weirder ‘kids shows’ you’ve seen on TV?


14 thoughts on “Dialling Up the Creepy in Kids TV

  1. There are so many cute kid shows my 2 year old grand daughter watches, but never heard of this one…sounds awful for the implied messages it seems to hint at. I’m going to let my daughter know, not to look at this one.

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  2. Holy cow, that really is weird. My 22-year-old daughter and I recently watched a “Tellytubbies” episode for old times sake. The people responsible for that show seriously had to be smoking crack.

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  3. One show that has bothered me has been Special Agent Oso. A friendly show about a panda bear who helps children… innocent enough, right? But he finds out that the children need help through innocuous spy cameras set up all over the place. Given the controversy with the NSA domestic spying cases, it makes me wonder if someone is trying to encourage kids to think that it’s OK to be spied upon because it’s for their own good. That’s not really a message I want to support….

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    1. That does sound a tad creepy and not something I would support either.. Childrens shows can really get out there with the message they are putting across sometimes! The thing to wonder about is whether that message was intentional or accidental on the part of the shows creators..


      1. In any case, it’s a good reason why we should watch programs with our kids. It also serves as a good opportunity to bond with our children, and talk to them about what they’re watching and the messages they’re receiving.

        By the way, you’ve got an interesting blog here! I think I’m going to have to watch this one. Good job!

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      2. That’s very true! Monitoring what the kids are watching, even if it’s a kids channel, is very important.
        Thank you for your kind words 🙂


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