Sleep is a Fickle Mistress

7:56pm: Lilly goes to bed 

8:15pm: The husband and I have dinner, we clear away the dishes and he goes back to working in the home office

9pm: I turn on the tv while I wait for the husband to get free from work

9:25pm: so tired! Can barely keep my eyes open..

9:48pm: sleeeeeepy.. Why am I still sitting here instead of being in bed?

10:02pm: Tired husband enters living room, we spend a nice half hour just chatting

11pm: so darn sleepy! I’m definitely going to bed!

11:12pm: crawl into bed, pull comforter all the way up to my chin and prepare to drift off to sleep…

11:13pm: Remember an errand I forgot to put in my to-do list! No problem, I’ll just turn on my phone and add it now before I forget..

11:35pm: Did I turn off the stove?

11:41pm: shoot, I forgot to pick up black leggings for Lilly today! Better add that to my list..

11:47pm: Now I need to go to the bathroom..

12:01am: why am I still awake?

1:09am: *still wide awake* I hate myself.



21 thoughts on “Sleep is a Fickle Mistress

  1. You forgot ‘fall asleep on the sofa, wake up in the middle of the night, gather enough energy / awakeness to get up, go upstairs and brush your teeth so you can go to bed and try to sleep again…”

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  2. Hahaha, very well said! No matter how sleepy you are, once in bed, sleep never comes! Sometimes I think it would be better to crash out on the sofa like my body wants me to instead of dragging myself to bed and then laying awake for two hours…


    1. These days jet lag is making my already rocky relationship with sleep even more difficult! 😁 I’m tempted to take some sort of sleeping aid but than I might not wake up when Lilly calls me during the night 😓

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  3. I am blessed with the ‘I can fall asleep wherever my head finds some kind of support”-syndrome. But the coach is my favorite place. By far. The moment though you have to move to that bed… Ugh!


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