Pooping Dolls and Consumer Kids

There are a LOT of commercials on kids channels. A LOT.

Watching these commercial most of the day has taught me that apparently, there is a toy for every bodily function a kid can have, from toys that talk and sing, to ones that poop and blow snot.


Who knew there was enough of a market for toy-that-poops-stuff to warrant a whole genre of toys? I suppose it’s part and parcel with the consumer driven culture we live in and we do spend a lot of money on our little ones, so I suppose they make up a huge chunk of the consumer base. 

Wow. Now there’s a realization.



10 thoughts on “Pooping Dolls and Consumer Kids

  1. Hmm…even the young children I know are smart enough not to consider poop a magic surprise. Which brings up another question…what has this doll been eating to make “magic surprises” come out her rear end. Sketchy.

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  2. My daughter eats a considerable amount of glitter from her brother’s craft stash when no one is looking, so I guess in many ways her poo would resemble some sort of potty surprise… (yes, I do know that this is far from ideal…)
    Maybe it’s because of this, but for some reason the snot one is the one that really gets me. I mean, yuck.
    x Alice

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    1. Maybe she’s just trying to make the whole diaper changing experience more magical for you with all the glitter 😝
      I also find the snot ones a bit grosser than the looping ones! The pooping ones at least make some sort of sense 😁

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