On Quietness and Doing Things a Little Differently [podcast]

You can call me lazy or you can call me creative, but here’s something a little different for today’s blog post:



Happy weekend everyone!


28 thoughts on “On Quietness and Doing Things a Little Differently [podcast]

  1. Now I know what you sound like!!! Yay!! 🙂

    I was perhaps sill-i-lly excited to hear you, very fun. (I had to make that word up because nothing else seemed appropriate)

    And I agree about the quite time. It’s needed. Without a doubt it’s needed. But at the same time as a stay at home mom I need to connection to others just as much. Life’s a balancing act right?

    I usually get my quite time outdoors. Walking the dogs, doing the chicken chores, chopping wood (gosh that make me sound so much more Little House In The Prairie than I am).
    I balance (hopefully!?) it with a pile of phone conversations and online time at night. We don’t have a TV and I’m not a big movie watcher or music person so our house is “quiet” (Ha ha ha!) in that regard. Just terribly noisey from everyone who lives here!!!

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    1. Thank you :)) It’s nice to know someone was excited to hear your voice :p
      And no tv?? Wow that’s amazing actually. I sometimes wish I didn’t need a tv either, it would definitely reduce the amount of noise around here :p My husband works from home and a lot of his work has to do with being on the phone, which makes for a lot of noise all the time! Walking outside or those times when Lilly naps when her father is also out are the only quiet time I get! Maybe I need to move further away from the city and closer to the little house on the prairie 😝


      1. You probably don’t *need* a TV either! 😉 I grew up without one. Was very distracted by living with one through college and the first few years of our marriage and then we got rid of it when we had Ivy. We’ve never regretted it. The other day Clara wanted to watch a movie and I heard Ivy ask her why she would want to do that when there were so many other things they could do. Then she listed off a big list that included things like going outside, playing a game and building with legos, they picked something and never asked me about the movie. And that’s why it’s all been worthwhile!!!

        Having someone on the phone all day would be hard – it’s noise and you can’t even interact with it!! But I think realizing that you need quite time in your life is 3/4 of the battle, you’ll find it when you look for it! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for listening! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Yes it’s important to find a balance, and that balance may be different for different people: some people need less quiet time than others 😉


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