Toddler fashion

My sister’s wedding is right around the corner in January and you know what that means: my budget has gone right out the window as I scramble to get all of Lilly’s wedding shopping (as well as a bit of mine) finished before we fly out to Pakistan at the end of the month.

No pressure, right? Right.

Do you guys have any idea how many articles of clothing and shoes a 2 year old needs for a Pakistani wedding? A lot, that’s how many.

especially if the foot the shoe fits belongs to your toddler..

You see, a Pakistani wedding isn’t a single days event, oh no, it’s a week long extravaganza with multiple events spread over several days, each requiring a brand new outfit. Factor in the subzero temperatures in Pakistan that time of year (and lack of central heating) and that makes for a whole lot of clothing I need to purchase for one very retail-happy toddler.

pictured: deciding what we will demand mommy buy next

It’s easier for adults, we can re-wear older outfits, mix and match a little to create new looks, or have something old repurposed to create something new, but little kids? That’s a tad more difficult. They never really have tons of formal clothing (because they outgrow it quickly) so there’s rarely old stuff to be ‘repurposed’ or reworn, so the only remaining option of course is to buy new things.

Sounds simple enough right? Buy 2 or 3 new dresses and call it a day!

Ok, what if I told you this wedding involves at least 7 formal events (each requiring a different outfit) as well as an unknown number of formal dinners after the wedding?

Doesn’t sound all that simple now does it?

The problem isn’t finding nice dresses, the mall is full of beautiful (and expensive) toddler dresses this time of year, the problem is finding great deals on nice dresses. I absolutely refuse to spend upwards of 50 dollars on a dress Lilly will likely wear only once. Contrary to what we would all like to believe, money does not grow on trees.

sad but true..


And another thing: what exactly am I supposed to do with a closetful of poofy formal dresses for Lilly after the wedding? How many more weddings or ultra formal events will there be before she grows out of her pretty dresses? Probably not a whole lot I’m guessing.

Oh well, waste not want not, right? Something tells me Lilly is going to be the best dressed toddler there could be at the coming season’s play dates..


22 thoughts on “Toddler fashion

  1. I am soooooooo glad that I am unlikely to ever be invited to a wedding in Pakistan in January!!! πŸ™‚
    I have enough problems with weddings in Germany in summer, and that only involves something for the wedding itself and potentially something else for the evening, though mostly I try to find something that will do for both…..

    I really don’t envy you! Does anyone do little kid rental clothing?

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    1. Lol! No there’s no rental for little kids clothes, at least not that I know off 😝 I don’t envy me either tight about now, though I’m looking forward to the wedding! I’m planning on putting up pictures on my blog from the wedding so stay tuned πŸ™‚


      1. After all the clothes I’m getting her she better hold still long enough for a billion pictures! Without pictures it will be like the clothes never existed πŸ˜›


    1. Lilly’s grandparents and aunts love buying dresses too but right now everyone is in Pakistan and you just don’t find the variety (and quality) of clothes there that you do here in USA.. Do I’m stuck shopping for Lilly while everyone else is wishing they could be here doing it for me!

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  2. Do you have any resale facebook pages in your area? I just discovered several in my area and they are AWESOME. You could consider reselling the gorgeous dresses when you’re done with them? Or save for people you love?

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    1. I was thinking that actually.. I think I’ll keep them for a bit, see if there’s anyone in my family and friends who could use them, otherwise I’ll sell them..


    1. Oh I don’t mind the clothes, they are adorable! It’s the budget that’s stressful :p Nit to mention trying to fun matching leggings, shoes, hair accessories and cardigans 😁 pictures will be shared, don’t worry!

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