So I was Scrolling Through Amazon Today and..

… I found something interesting.

What was I looking for? A new potty chair.

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you just how hard potty training can be. Its a long, messy process that can reduce any normal adult to a stressed out basket case willing to burst into tears with each ‘accident’ they clean up.

potty training
pictured: not as easy as it looks

So yes, potty training? Not for the faint hearted. Which of course means that there’s a million and one products out there to theoretically help with the process, but not all of them are all they pretend to be. Helpful or not though, parents still end up throwing money at them in the hope that this next product will definitely end their clean-pee-from-the-coat-closet-floor days for good.

Just like with everything else though, these ‘products’ can quickly go from useful, to creative, to downright weird. Case in point: this rather ‘creative’ potty chair I stumbled upon while looking for a better potty than the one I have:

potty training

I get it of course, I do, you want your little monster angel to sit still long enough to poop in there so you’ll try anything to hold their attention, and all grown ups take their smartphones into the bathroom these days (yes you do, stop pretending you don’t) so why not toddlers?

Makes sense, but somehow it’s just a little.. Much. Do I really want my 2 yr old to be conditioned to poop only when there’s an iPad in front of her? Not really. Do I judge others who might want to use this? Of course not, parenting is all about what works best for you and not caring about what anyone else thinks.

Me though, I think I’m going to continue my search for that allusive potty training method/product/magical spell that will finally end my pee-cleaning days once and for all. After all, there has to be something out there that helps, right?


18 thoughts on “So I was Scrolling Through Amazon Today and..

  1. Archanus Magnus.
    Sprinkle salt around the bathroom light some incenses then chant the name of your child backwards. Do this at exactly midnight three nights in a row then on the third night as you’re sweeping up the salt notice how much time you’ve waited and learn to have some patience there are no short cuts in forming a good person from an infant.



  2. Wow! Didn’t see that option when I bought Bumbi’s potty chair- a basic one at that. Impressive.

    Last week the school sent home all diapers and asked for training pants because she is doing poops and pees at school. Interesting, because she never does at home so maybe the secret is having them go in groups- monkey see, monkey do? I don’t know but we are trying for more success at home but it really isn’t for the faint of heart.

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    1. Lilly knows the concepts now: she knows when she needs to poop or pee, she just doesn’t like sitting on the potty! So she goes and hides when she needs to poop and comes back when she’s done to tell me she needs to be changed 😓

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  3. Sometimes it just takes lots of time. My daughter was one weekend, to be dry at night and everything at age 3. My son? He’s just now completely off pull ups at night at age 6. Our doc said no one wears pull-ups in college lol.

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    1. Lol! Your doctor sounds like a wise person 😝 Sometimes it’s that thought alone that gets us through the more difficult of child rearing ages and stages


  4. Where the heck is the adult version of the iPad Potty?! 😀

    With my son, I thought a potty that played music when he went was a bit much, so I highly doubt we’ll be going for anything that high tech when my daughter is ready.

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    1. Hahaha! If you look hard enough you will probably find an adult version of the iPad potty somewhere on the Internet 😝 You can find ANYTHING for sale on the Internet these days I’m told

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