To Keep or to Toss, That is the Question

So what do you do with old clothes that don’t fit your growing toddler anymore? If you said stuff them into a suitcase and stuff that suitcase into the storage closet and pretend it’s not there, than you and I have a lot in common.

The only problem with that strategy though is that when you need to travel, you might actually need those extra suitcases, and all those months of lazily stashing the toddlers outgrown clothes in a suitcase instead of sorting them come crashing down on you. 

For me that time is apparently now, which is is why I spend all of today sorting through piles of baby clothes, trying to decide what to keep and what to toss (given my limited storage options). 

The only issue of course is deciding what to keep and what to donate. Most of the clothes still look brand new, and each outfit is more adorable than the next, not to mention the emotional attachment to each particular piece (she wore this to her first birthday, she wore that to our wedding anniversary, this she wore to her cousins engagement!).


I think we need a bigger home to make space for all these clothes I’m apparently not getting rid off..


22 thoughts on “To Keep or to Toss, That is the Question

    1. That’s what I wanted todo but everyone around me seems to have boys! Lilly is literally the only baby girl in family (other than older girls) and the only one amongst my friends kids!


  1. Those dresses are adorable. I wouldn’t be able to get rid of them either. I’ve still got a box of baby clothes in the closet that I just couldn’t part with, even though our kids are all grown up now. I don’t even hold out hope that future grandchildren will wear them – they’ve all got stains and are yellowed. But I still want them.


  2. Good luck. My daughter is 16 months and we have every stitch of clothing she’s ever worn (plus the dozens of dresses her daddy bought that didn’t end up being season appropriate). We need to do that soon, too. Maybe next year.

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    1. Lol! Lilly is going to be 2 in a week and we’re running out of space in our not-that-big apartment to keep everything šŸ˜“ Be warned! Start sorting sooner rather than later because the longer you wait the more difficult it is!

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  3. Well I used to have more of a problem with that… But if you have three girls by the time girl number 3 is done with the outfits they are not in such stellar shape and it’s easy to hand off 6 (yes, 6) giant garbage bags to a visiting friend.

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