Are You Scared Yet?

Here’s the thing: I love watching scary movies, always have and probably always will. My husband though isn’t such a big fan. His philosophy is that we watch movies to entertain us so why torture yourself with nightmare fuel when you can watch an interesting thriller, a fascinating scifi or a feel-good romcom instead?

I’ll concede that his argument is valid and logical, but I still love horror movies because let’s face it, horror movie buffs aren’t exactlyΒ known for being logical what with choosing to scare themselves enough to have to sleep with the lights on for the next several days.

pictured: a bad idea

So the other night my husband, exhausted from a long day of work, decided to go to bed earlier than usual and with Lilly in bed by 9, I was left with an unprecedented 2-3 hour block of me-time before bed. Technically, there was a lot that needed to be done: laundry needed to be folded, living room to be vacuumed, stove to be cleaned and so on and on, but forget that, I get to watch a scary movie because no one is here to object!

I gleefully ensconced myself in a mass of cushions on the sofa, grabbed the remote and started flipping through the ‘On Demand’ programming in search of a scary movie.

Within minutes I’d found one (The Summoning) Β which sounded appropriately scary, without being too long.

I clicked on ‘watch’.

The screen flickered with smoke as a man’s face came into focus, something dark lurking to the side.

I picked up the remote, clicked ‘pause’, turned the TV off and made a beeline for my bedroom.

I’d watched exactly 26 seconds of the movie, which was apparently long enough for me to realize I wasn’t braveΒ enough to watch a scary movie all on my lonesome.

I knew I should have opted to fold laundry instead.


28 thoughts on “Are You Scared Yet?

  1. Haha.. laundry over horror flicks any day! I am scared just seeing the Annabelle poster. I had unfortunately watched the movie on a night I knew I’d be home alone. And needles to say, it was a terrible night. I had banked on the cat’s company, but he didn’t choose to stay home either..


    1. I think it wasn’t all that bad, but my overactive imagination sprang forward into what could happen and chickened out of it 😝 I think I’ll try again during the day when/if Lilly goes down for her nap!


    1. Lol! Apparently you’re not the only one! Though I’m still looking forward to sinister 3 😝 I have ‘it follows’ saved on my computer but still haven’t worked up the courage to watch it! Just go watch the trailer for ‘it follows’ and let me know if you’d watch it πŸ˜‰

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  2. I think I wrote a blog post a long time ago about why I don’t watch horror movies. If you like I can dig it up for you. Psychologists say people watch them because they “scare us safely”. It’s the same reason we go on roller coaster rides (which I also don’t like). They stimulate the same region in the brain that drugs and sex do. I have a few friends who are horror movie junkies, and they can watch all of the horror movies they want. I’ll be over here… reading a book. ^_^

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    1. Hahaha! I just love horror movies, even though I scare easily as well 😝 I’ll always get onto a roller coaster but regret it the minute it starts moving πŸ˜† I don’t think horror movie buffs and roller coaster fans are completely sane 😁


      1. I’m not quite sane either, but horror movies disturb me in in ways I just can’t shake, like for weeks after I watch them. Not because they scare me… I just find them… troubling… psychologically. ^_^ It’s hard to explain.

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  3. I’m not really scared of horror movies…at least the ones with fake monsters and such…too unbelievable. I’d rather be scared by the ones that get you thinking it ‘could happen’ kind. I don’t know about the Anabelle movie? Is it about the true story by the Warren’s in their book “The Demonologists” ? Now that was scary…had to have the book not even in the same room with me! πŸ™‚


    1. I know what you mean. Stories about hauntings or events of that sort are always far scarier than creature features πŸ˜› Yes, Annabelle is the movie based on the Warrens. It was ok though, not too scary. πŸ˜‰

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  4. I used to be SO INTO horror movies as a teenager but nowadays I can’t even watch Law and Order SVU without getting twitchy, I swear. Run-away imagination solidarity fist-bump!

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      1. Hahaha! My mom and sister love horror movies as much as I do so I think when next I visit I’ll get my dose of scary flicks! Watching it alone is just not the same!

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  5. I am SoOO your husband! And my husband is you! One thing I don’t like about those movies is the sexual violence for entertainment. Every time I hear a scream coming from his computer I know, and tell him to turn it down. πŸ˜•

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    1. Slasher movies I’m not such a fan off either, it’s paranormal or creature horror that I enjoy :p Slasher movies end up having sexual violence and gratuitous blood letting 😁


    1. Lol! I think my problem is similar: I love scary movies but it’s only fun when you watch it with someone! My mother and sister both love scary movies too so we three used to watch them together πŸ™‚ Now I live a continent away so I have no one to watch the movies with!


  6. I really, really don’t like horror movies! But I love scary books, for some reason – perhaps because then my brain has a bit more control over how scared I get. That is a very freaky poster for Annabelle… πŸ˜‰

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