There is nothing quite as ornate as a Pakistani wedding..

The stage is set..

The wedding dress (which weighs about a ton by the way)

The bridal henna

counting the spoils of war (oh didn’t you know being the bride’s sister/cousin meant you could demand money in exchange for allowing the groom to exit the premises?)
In response to the Weekly Photography Challenge: Ornate.


20 thoughts on “Ornate

    1. That’s an interesting idea :p I’ll have to try that sometime..
      Bridal henna is always detailed, this isn’t even completed yet! I snapped a picture while the lady doing the henna took a break and before they started on my other hand!

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    1. Lol! They ambush him together, and share what they get :p it’s a fun traction with the grooms siblings/cousins/friends standing behind him and haggling on his behalf while the girls sit infront of the couple trying to shame the groom into giving more with assorted uncles, aunties and friends grouped around shouting encouragements and advice 😝 My sister and cousins tried to be sneaky and ambushed the groom when dinner got served so he was all alone without help 😝

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