Life is Funny, Or Not

Life is funny at times, and not so funny at others. The trick is to find something to laugh about even when life isn’t being all that funny. It’s easy to smile and laugh when things are good and everything seems to be going your way, it’s only when stress piles up and nothing seems to be going right that you really get to test how far your optimism stretches. They say the funniest people are usually the saddest, and though I don’t know if thats always true, I think there’s definitely truth in that statement.

Me, I’m generally a happy person: laughing and smiling and always with a joke or two to spare. Does that mean I’m not all that happy on the inside? That I’m gripped with anxiety and depression and no one knows it because I don’t like to talk about it? That I end up crying more often than anyone would guess just by looking at me?


Maybe not.

You can’t be sure unless you see it yourself or I tell you.

The point being, never judge a book by it’s cover. You never know what darkness, or what light, may lurk within it’s pages.



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