Happy Place

Where is your happy place? Where do you go to get away from it all? Is it real? Or it is in your mind?

Me, I’ve had several happy places, one (or more) for each stage and phase of my life. From my makeshift ‘house’ under a bedsheets covered worktable, to the sturdy branches of my favourite tree, to the corner of the playground at school, to my favourite desk at the university library, to watching a movie on the couch with my husband, to my daughter’s hugs, I’ve had many varied ‘happy places’ over the years.

For this week’s photography challenge though, I’ll share with you my happy place from my university days in Durham, UK. How can you NOT be happy living in such a beautiful place?




What or where is your happy place?


19 thoughts on “Happy Place

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    1. Oh I love London. It has a special place in my heart after so many family trips there when I was younger and trips with friends after I was older 🙂 my husband is American and always tells me London is so small compared to American cities and so dreary with the rain, but I tell him that there’s something special about London that American cities just can’t replicate :p Besides, he’s never been to London so he has no right to an opinion for now 😝

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