Of Stages, Ages and the Parenting Illuminati 

Do you sometimes look at your child and wonder where that gurgling baby disappeared to? Do you marvel at how big she’s getting or how fast she runs now? Do you miss being able to pee without a mini human banging on the door and demanding  to know what you’re doing? Congratulations, you are now the proud owner/parent of a toddler.

Exhibit A

The good news is your days of blending baby food, pumping breast milk and obsessing over the correct way to swaddle a baby are long gone. Yay! The bad news is, the stress of caring for a smarty pants little running machine whose idea of fun is climbing onto the couch and trying to launch herself off it into a pile of teddy bears, has only just begun.

Every stage of your child’s life has good as well as difficult components, and every time your little one graduates to the next stage, you suddenly think it’s the most difficult thing ever and wasn’t the last stage so much easier? I mean, here I am complaining about my not-yet-2 year old toddler and parents of preschoolers are probably snickering and thinking ‘wait till Lilly starts school’ while parents of even older kids are probably shaking their heads at us all and thinking ‘wait till they are teenagers!’

What I’m saying is that it (probably) never gets any easier, it just changes so that the types of difficulties you face are different in each stage. Kind of like the different levels of a video game but without a final boss whose defeat will ‘end’ the game.

How very comforting.


Are you sure there’s no secret illuminati type organisation of parenthood out there that awards medals to those who make it through the battles with babies, toddlers and teens and retain their sanity? No? No awards for fighting the eat-something-damn-it battle on a daily basis, or making it through countless bedtime battles without running away screaming into the night? How about an Honorary mention for all the date-nights and romantic interludes sacrificed for the sake of the children or at least a certificate for making it through potty training? No?

Are you absolutely sure?

Ok.. So can we start one?



16 thoughts on “Of Stages, Ages and the Parenting Illuminati 

  1. I try to tell my girls who are now parents to cherish every moment as soon (in blink of an eye) the moments are gone. Those children have their own life’s and when /if they move away you miss so many more moments. Take care.

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  2. It goes by so fast. I blinked and suddenly my daughter is two and climbing on the couch to jump…well you captured it perfectly. If you made it through potty training already then seriously it’s trophy worthy! Congrats! I’m still cleaning puddles in the closet.

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  3. At one time I had 2 teens, 2 toddlers, and an infant! I was hitting every part of the spectrum! Now it’s a teen, almost 6 year old, and 2 toddlers ….I think the best ages are 6-10, they are independent enough to do stuff for themselves but still love to need you, and they haven’t developed the “tween” attitude yet.

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