Weekend Coffee Share: Sick Babies, Peculiar Children and Pinterest Diets

As the last day of the weekend, Sundays are usually bittersweet: technically it’s still the weekend but mentally you’re already preparing for the inevitable Monday and that’s never fun. Technicalities and mental states aside, it is still the weekend which means it’s time for end of the week coffee share!


If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you..

Remember how last week just didn’t seem to be Lilly’s week? Well that motif has apparently continued into this week with my poor baby catching a second cold on top of the initial cold she had barely recovered from yet! As if to add insult to injury, I’ve managed to catch my very own cold as well, just to keep things interesting apparently. cold-flu-funny So yes, this has been a week of crying, sneezing, coughing and excessive amounts of Kleenex coating the house like a germ riddled version of snow, and this mother-daughter duo are tired of being sick. Hopefully this coming week will be a little kinder on us both!

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you..

In between sniffing and sneezing and changing snotty sheets, I managed to finish the book I started and I think I’m in love. 

‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ is as interesting a read as it sounds and I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something fresh to add to their reading wish list! Just the right mix of reality and fantasy, it’s a fascinating narrative that pulls you in and keeps you hooked while at the same time not succumbing to the ‘gritty’ overtones that so many fantasy novels have these days. I for one loved it and now I can’t wait to get my hands on the second instalment in the series!

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you..

Trying to diet during Fall is next to impossible, and that my friend is a fact. Why is that so you ask? Simple: because all your social media feeds are choke full of amazingly delicious looking Fall recipes 24/7 and most people (like me) just do not have the will power required to resist their siren call. 

I mean seriously, how exactly am I supposed to pretend to enjoy my soggy salad when my Pinterest feed looks like this:  pinterest 

Sigh. There goes my dream of fitting into that dress by the time my sisters wedding rolls around..

How was your week? What did you do on the weekend? Any new books you would recommend?


23 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Sick Babies, Peculiar Children and Pinterest Diets

  1. Thanks for the book recommendation – I’ll look for that one. Funny, since I work on Sunday mornings and that’s typically the most difficult day of my week, it’s Saturday evenings when I get that dread of the coming week. And I’m seriously no fun to be around early on Sunday mornings. Once I get to work and find my groove, I’m okay, but my family knows to stay pretty darned quiet until I get out the door!

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    1. Work on Sundays? That’s just cruel and unusual punishment :p when I was in school in Pakistan, grade 3 or 4 I think, we used to follow the Saudi Arabia work week: Sunday to Thursday with Friday and Saturday bring the weekend. I remember how weird it felt to us when we shifted to the Western workweek and had to go to school on Friday!

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  2. Oh I loved that book so much too. Bought it entirely on the basis of the title and the cover (shallow, yup sometimes!) and just sped through it. Loved the weird photos inside too. Have you read the Night Circus? You might well enjoy that too. Or The Bees? That’s one of my recent favourites. Don’t be put off by the premise (it’s written from the perspective of a bee), it’s really great. Weirdly reminiscent of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. X

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