Weekend Coffee Share: Fitness, Swollen Noses and the Mombie

Will you look at that, another week just flew by and it’s the weekend again! Well technically the weekend is almost over given that it’s Sunday and all, but it’s not officially over, so let’s just hang on to the weekend feeling as long as possible shall we?

On that note, it’s time for our weekend coffee share so pull up a chair, pour yourself a caffeinated beverage of your choice and let’s recap:


If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you..

I finally managed to kick myself into gear and start that fitness routine I’ve been promising myself I’ll get around to at some point this year. Technically, the whole getting-into-shape thing was part of my New Years resolutions but I never actually got around to it.

Till now that is.

So yes, I’m finally getting around to my New Year resolutions in October, which says a lot about my levels of procrastination, but better late than never, right?ย To be fair, trying to find time to go to the gym with a toddler demanding attention 24/7 isn’t exactly easy, so I stopped trying to go to the gym.


Enter the Focus T25 workouts: A month long program of 25 minute daily workouts. I’m a week in right now and it’s not too bad. My body ached all over the first 2 days but it was better after that. Plus it’s a ‘total workout’ as opposed to just running on the treadmill at the gym. Let’s just hope I stick to the program though; a month is a looong time and life has a funny way of derailing even your best laid plans.

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you..

Lilly came down with a cold this week, and she has been a sick little baby, making this mommy a zombified version of her former self. Taking care of a sick child is not an easy task, it drains you emotionally as well as physically, trying to do it on minimal sleep while also trying to stay on top of a new workout program? Let’s just say my memory of the past few days is hazy at best.

Also, apparently ‘mombie’ is an actual term on the internet..

Good news is she seems to be getting better, the bad news is she decided to take a nose dive off the couch this Friday and nowย basically looks like a champion boxer after a match. Truth be told, I probably freaked out more than she did and the doctor says its not as bad as it looks (a swollen little nose), so there’s that to be thankful for.

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you..

I think I need a vacation. Not a family vacation which ends up being more work than just staying home, or an elaborate get-away at a spa resort where they wrap you in tinfoil and give you mud baths, but a simple break from the daily demands of mommy-hood. Maybe a day alone where I get to sit back and relax without a thousand demands on my time? Too much to ask? Ok than, back to the grind with me…


How was you week? What’s new in your life?

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17 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Fitness, Swollen Noses and the Mombie

  1. Yes taking care of sick children is definitely both emotionally and physically tiring. I don’t have kids but take care of my 4&3 year old nephews full time and when they’re sick, I get drained and feel helpless because there really isn’t a whole lot you can do but make them as comfortable as possible. Good for you for making your workout a priority during that. I know that’s tough as well. And it’s definitely better late than never ๐Ÿ™‚ all that matters is that you start and keep moving forward.

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  2. I’m GOING ON VACATION!!!! Sorry for the caps. it’s just so exciting. I also need a vacation! Heading to Montana on Friday with my brother to meet our parents and go bird hunting for a week! So excited! Of course I have to make it through this week, Clara came home puking from school today… Which sends me into mean mom lock down don’t touch anyone or breathe or do anything that might spread your germs mode. I used to be nicer to sick kids, until I once had three kids puking at the same time, now I just work on quarantine!

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