What’s on Your Reading Wish List?

My love affair with books began at a young age, and like most love affairs it was electrifying and intense. Unlike most love affairs though, it wasn’t short lived and stayed with me through my tweens, teens and adulthood. I cut my teeth on Enid Blython, dove into the Sweet Valley series and R L Stine as I grew, read the Sweet Dreams and Christipher Pike novels as a rite of passage, ย discovered Narnia, Middle Earth, DiscWorld and EarthSea along the way and fell in love with Asimov, Terry Pratchett and Kamila Shamsie before I graduated college. Somewhere along the way I read every single book written by Agatha Christie and added her to my growing list of favourite authors, along with Victoria Holt, David Eddings and Anne Rice.

books: the best kind of love affair

You could say my taste in books has been more then a little eclectic, but where’s the fun in only reading the same type of books over and over again?

I thought my love of books would always stay with me, and that it would help me find the time to continue to read no matter how busy I got.

Then motherhood happened.

The love of books stayed with me, but time to actually read? That’s about as abundant as unicorns and leprechauns in the coat closet.

I know, I know, when you are passionate about something you make the time to do it and all that, but there’s only so many things I can make time for after all. Any free time that I do get is spent writing, blogging, working out or watching a movie or two with the husband. I still read of course, it’s just shorter things and not entire novels.

Pictured: the only type of book I have time to read these days >.<

I miss reading, I really do. My reading list is growing longer and longer but nothing seems to get crossed off. Everytime I go grocery shopping, I stop and browse through the meagre book selection they have but its always mostly romance novels (which are too sex-filled these days for my taste) or your Twilight/Shades of Grey type books which I can’t stand.

I always promise myself though that next time, I’ll splurge on a nice hardcover book (I’m a sucker for hardcovers) and make the time to actually read it.

Apparently today was the day I was going to fulfill that promise, and at Costco no less.

Today I bought a book. It was a book that ย was actually on my reading wish list so that’s a double win right there!

So now dear readers I will say adieu, schedule this post for the morning, close my laptop and go read my precious new book.

Though whether or not this book will make me want to sleep with the lights on is another story

What’s on your reading wish list? Which book are you currently reading? Do you have something in your life that you loved doing but now just don’t have the time/energy for?


19 thoughts on “What’s on Your Reading Wish List?

    1. If you like a book than thats all that matters! Never say you have ‘bad taste’ in books because you like something that someone else doesn’t. Half the people i know don’t like the Scifi/Fantasy stuff I like to read and think it’s ‘kids stuff’ but I don’t care because thats what I like to read ๐Ÿ˜›

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  1. I’ve heard of that one- now that I see it’s good so far I might have to put in on my offical “to read” pintrest list…https://www.pinterest.com/behindthewillow/books-to-read/
    Which I just looked at and realized I missed picking up a book on it when I was at the library today, guess I’ll have to go back! ๐Ÿ™‚
    After this one you should read something by Sarah Addison Allen! I had to stop getting her books because I kept starting them and not getting up or sleeping until I was done- so amazingly good!

    Right now I’m reading At The Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen and it’s very good. I just picked up Robert Parker’s Kick back by Ace Atkins and The Scam by Janet Evanovoch and Lee Goldberg for some fun quick reads when I was at the library this afternoon.

    For me not reading is bad, when I realize I haven’t been reading things are usually very off kilter in my life!

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      1. I really like it because I’m much more likely to remember the look of a cover than the title or author if it’s something new. And then you should find me on pintrest so I can find you and see all the great books you are planning on reading! (because your pintrest link takes me nowhere! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

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  2. I love reading too but have struggled for time. My job involves a lot of driving so I started checking out audio books from the library. So does listening count for reading? Most recent faves are Wild by Cheryl Strayed and I started Jennifer Weiner’s All Fall Down. I originally picked up All Fall Down for the story about a working mom who turns to prescription meds when life gets messy but I’m captivated by the young daughter in the book who actually has sensory issues like my daughter. It isn’t diagnosed in the book, at least not yet, so I’m wrapped up in her characterization of this little girl. I also liked Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things which I didn’t thin would be my cup of tea but it was a wonderful story. You’ll have to let us know how your book turns out!

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    1. Of course audio books count as reading ๐Ÿ™‚ Books are the most captivating when you can relate to the characters, whether is fantasy, romance, thriller or drama! I’m read s few chapters in my book and am loving it so far. Will keep you guys updated!


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