Look Who’s 2!

No, it’s not Lilly’s birthday, not yet anyway, it’s my other baby’s birthday. Don’t worry, I don’t have Lilly’s evil twin chained in the attic Goosebumps style, my other baby is of course this lovely blog! This itty bitty thing that I started more or less on a whim when I was pregnant with Lilly is 2 years old this week!


Time may seem to inch by when life is being frustrating or to fly when you’re having fun, but it’s all the same when you’re looking back on it: you look at your baby’s tiny old clothes, or the stretch marks on your skin, at your blog’s stats that went from zero to wow or at the authors and shows you loved as a teen, and you wonder where the time went.

So yes, this blog has grown more than I ever dreamed possible and gone through several changes to mirror the changes in me, and I’m loving every minute of it!

Thank you to all my readers, old and new, and all the amazing blogging friends I’ve made along the way: this wouldn’t be half as much fun without all of you along for the ride 🙂

Happy birthday little blog, hope you have many many more to come!


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