Weekend Coffee Share

A long week is over and the weekend is finally here! Yay for Fridays! I know , I know, I’m a stay at home mom which means that technically weekends and weekdays aren’t all that different for me, but I still love Fridays! So in honour of the weekend, and the writing101 prompt asking us to post an update, here’s my very first weekend coffee share:

If we were having coffee (or tea if that’s your poison), I would tell you..

Potty training is hard people. I know, I know, I’m not the first parent to lament about the insanity involved in potty training a toddler, and I won’t be the last, but that won’t stop me from complaining just an itty bitty bit. I made a lacklustre attempt at potty training when Lilly turned 18 months but than life intervened and any and all schedules went out the window. Now at 22 months I’m finally making a serious effort and boy is it harder than I thought it would be! 1 week in and I’m starting to hate that little red potty sitting in the bathroom, mocking me with it’s emptiness, or laughing gleefully when it’s full and needs emptying. Damn that potty.

potty training: harder than cute little cardboard books make it seem

Fun fact number#1: I never thought I’d ever cry tears of joy at the sight of another human beings bowel movements in a pot. Parenting is icky, yucky stuff and we should definitely get paid for this!

If we were having coffee (or tea if that’s your poison), I would tell you…

I’m finally finally going on that diet I promised myself I’d go on about 6 months ago. Oh well, better late than never right? I think my mind has finally grasped the idea that my sister is getting married in January and I need to (finally) lose this extra 10 pounds I’ve been carrying around ever since I had Lilly. At least I need to do it if I ever hope to fit into my wedding dress again without ripping it!

If you're thinking that dress looks heavy to walk in, you're right >.<
If you’re thinking that dress looks heavy to walk in, you’re right >.<

Fun fact number#2: In Pakistani culture it is customary to re-wear your wedding dress at the weddings of close family members, so much so that people will comment on it if you don’t (usually negative comments about your weight or physique and how you probably couldn’t fit into it anymore). Don’t you just love weddings?

If we were having coffee (or tea if that’s your poison), I would tell you…

Dslr cameras are addictive and the only regret I have about purchasing one is that I didn’t get one earlier! I’m loving being able to capture such vivid shots of Lilly as well as the world around us. Some of you might have noticed that I’ve started taking more of my own pictures for my blog posts and hopefully I can manage to do that more and more. The downside to that of course is that you all have to put up with my not-so-great photography on a regular basis.

Anything is interesting if photographed right..

Fun fact number#3: You don’t know what you’re missing till you try it, but that also means that gives you more things to miss when you can’t find the time to do it. Life is a funny thing, ain’t it?

How was your week? What’s new in your life?

Did you enjoy this coffee share? Would you like to see more of these posts?


21 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Potty training is hard, but eventually the kid comes around to thinking, “Ew, this is gross, this stuff in my pants.” and it takes care of itself. Some realize this earlier than others, but they all come around to it. Whenever there’s an older sibling, they help teach the younger ones because “parents are dorks and don’t understand. Stick with me, kid, and you’ll learn stuff.” My last two kids were way easier to potty train than the first one.


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