Dear Internet: Please Stop Hating on Everything

Welcome to the age of the Internet, where it seems to be the order of the day to bash anything and everything that comes across your screen. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a career woman, have one kid or five, dress conservative or flashy, are ‘old school’ or ‘hipster’, married at 20 or single at 30, man, woman or anything in between, at one point or another you will find yourself the subject of someones online mockery and scorn.

Every second person on the internet (apparently)

This is not a new phenomenon, this tendency to group together in your joint contempt of something, but in the age of social media and the pseudo anonymity that the internet offers, it has definitely become a more commonplace and widespread problem.

There are of course many, many, MANY things out there that people enjoy ridiculing in an attempt to be ‘cool’ or to belong. To be honest, the list of things people don’t mock would probably be nonexistant at this point and that in itself is a sad state of affairs.

Even inspirational quotes have their legion of devoted haters apparently

Seriously people, can’t we just let others be without insisting on trying to ruin their day by telling them how awful their choice to share an inspirational quote instead of a sarcastic one-liner was? I mean does it really affect you that much what other people are doing or what makes them happy? Does it really ruin your day when the guy bagging your groceries at Target is sporting a ‘hipster’ beard instead of being clean-shaven (or vice versa)? Or when the ‘mommy blogger’ on your Twitter feed shares a vegan burger recipe instead of one for roasted chicken?

Seriously people, stop hating on anything and everything that is different from your point of view. Different isn’t always bad, and different isn’t always good, different is just different. If you don’t like it or don’t relate to it, then by all means don’t do it, but don’t ridicule others for liking it. Life would be way too boring if we were all the same, all the time, and we don’t want that now, do we?
In response to the Writing 101 prompt: Let social media inspire you.


14 thoughts on “Dear Internet: Please Stop Hating on Everything

  1. Thank you! The internet can be a rather bizarre little bully at times. It is also interesting to see some really, really horrible things said about women..or the gay community or police officers…people love to hide behind their computers. In cases of hatred, it’s disgusting. But–sometimes I find the word “hater” is overused. If someone writes an opinion that doesn’t necessary fly with the masses, or perhaps gives a critique that is critical, the “hater” replies fly in. It’s a strange, strange world. Your post is excellent!

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    1. You’re right about that: people end up using the ‘hater’ term to ridicule others opinion simply because it’s different from theirs. There’s a fine line between disagreeing with someone online and ridiculing/mocking them for having a ‘stupid’ opinion. 😓


  2. I couldn’t have said it better. Love how your take with the prompt. I know a lot of people who are like that and it is sad to say the least. I always read the comments on social media to know what going on in people’s minds. Some are good and some could be left unsaid. I agree if we can’t say anything nice to just leave it alone.

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  3. Amen. It’s to the point where I second guess what I’m going to post on Instagram, where most of the people are friends or related to me! I’m all, “I hope she doesn’t make fun of me for posting another selfie”…’cause I have a friend who makes fun of me when I do…and I do love me a good selfie.
    Excellent post and so agree!

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    1. That old adage that ‘just because you can say something doesn’t mean that you should’ is very very true in the Internet age! What’s the point of all this connectivity if you can’t enjoy it without attracting negativity?
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post and thank you for sharing!


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