The Great Bedtime Battles

So it appears that my not-yet-2 year old has declared war on bedtime, and God help anyone foolish enough to try putting her to bed at night. Apparently she missed the memo on how my sleepless nights as a parent are supposed to be behind me now that she’s a toddler.

Trust a toddler to not play by the rules.


For three consecutive nights now she has adamantly refused to go to bed at her usual bedtime of 8:30, breezed past 9, scoffed at even the idea of 10 and only flirted with 11, settling down for sleep as close to the wee hours of the morning as possible. Does this mean she wakes later in the morning as well you ask? Of course not! That would be rational behaviour and toddlers are anything but rational. In her continued mission to drive mommy completely insane, Lilly still manages to wake up bright and early just as usual, causing mommy to develop a nervous twitch that might be making daddy a little nervous too.

It’s my own fault really, I jinxed myself by bragging about how good Lilly was with bedtime and how I got so much work done after she went to bed and how lucky I was.

Stupid, stupid me.

This is parenting 101 you idiot! You never mention your kid’s good behaviour, you shouldn’t even look directly at it lest you jinx it with your own admiration! But no, you had to go bragging about it to family and friends and even post about it on your blog and look where that’s gotten us: running around after a screaming toddler at 11:30pm, wondering where we went wrong.

Don’t judge me, I tend to talk to myself when I’m exhausted.


So yes dear readers, next time your child is sleeping/behaving/eating really well, do yourself a favour and do NOT bragΒ about it. Just enjoy it while it lasts and brace yourself for the next bout of tantrums and irrational behaviour that is sure to be just around the corner. Don’t you just love toddlers?

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23 thoughts on “The Great Bedtime Battles

  1. You mean like I’m constantly telling my wife to “Not say that! You’ll jinx it!”?

    Yeah, we have two and the first one was lovely about obeying bed time. The 2nd one is…fighting tooth and nail (sometimes literally) against going to bed…and sometimes to napping…basically, he wants to be up doing, watching, listening, talking, climbing…not sleeping.

    Save that I won’t ever do it, I’ve been tempted to give the kid a binki-tini…Damn my morals and love of my child…


  2. Hi, honey… could you PLEASE sound a little more exhausted and about to snap when you say those things so I can feel normal again? Thank you!!! There’s just no amount of chocolate that could put me in a decent mood right now! – and I was just blogging about this exact same thing when I found your blog – \o/ Cannot wait for the terrible 2! Who’s with me?!

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    1. Hahaha! Oh trust me, I sound way more collected in writing than I feel in real life right now 😣 Terrible twos? Whoever coined that phrase was playing a cruel joke on mommys-to-be because those dreaded ‘terrible twos’ definitely start way before our little ones are 2! πŸ˜– Hang in there! We’ll make it through this somehow.. Hopefully

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  3. You had me at bedtime battles in the title and laughing the whole way through. It’s so true that the moment you absolutely love and adore your children they do something to turn you into “Mommy Dearest” …well not really but close lol. I can especially relate to the “they go to bed later so they will wake later” yeah never happens over here. Thanks for sharing this brilliant post with #momsterslink.

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  4. Oh, I hear you. No matter what time they go to bed, they seem to still wake up at the same exact time. What is that? Mommy needs her sleep! I hope your little one goes back a normal bedtime–quick! Thanks for sharing at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

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  5. I found this from a link party and its like you are talking right into my soul. My youngest turned 2 three days ago and he has declared full on war with bedtime shoes.

    So I feel your pain. Thanks for the good laugh!

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