Dear Mothers, Here’s My Unsolicited Piece of Advice for the Day

Dear mothers of small children,

Unsolicited advice isn’t the best kind of advice to be sure, but sometimes it can be quite useful. So in that vein, here’s my unsolicited but heartfelt piece of advice to you for today, from one mother to another: If you value your sanity and peace of mind, please refrain from overdoing it with the baby websites, blogs and virtual groups when it comes to seeking answers to whatever may be worrying you about your child. Believe me, for every rash, scratch or tantrum there will be a million and one ‘possible’ results on Google, most of which will only give you panic attacks rather than any useful information. And any useful information that there might be, is completely lost in the plethora of material telling you that your offspring’s future social anxiety will be directly traceable to your decision to not co-sleep when she was a baby or that her poor test scores will be a result of you not breastfeeding her till at least her first birthday.

So yes, if you value your sanity, just call the real doctor and leave Dr.Google out of it.


A Recovering Addicted-to-Google Mom

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28 thoughts on “Dear Mothers, Here’s My Unsolicited Piece of Advice for the Day

  1. Good advice! Very good advice. I did once have a doctor who TOLD ME to Google it. Terrible advice. Very terrible advice. Fortunately we had been pre-warned that he was excellent at his doctoring surgery stuff and terrible with his bedside manner. Unfortunately I still took it rather personally when he tried to convince me I was starving my child… Also unfortunately google is still terrifying even when your doctor tells you to go there. (Thankfully all that has resolved, I was not starving my kid and we’ve never had to go back to him!)

    In conclusion- excellent unsolicited advice! 🙂

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    1. Hahaha! You and starving one of the girls? I don’t believe it! That doctor was crazy :p I refuse to google any symptom these days. If I google so much as ‘sneezing + headache’, Dr. Google informs me it could be a cold or it could be a brain tumour. There’s no in between apparently


  2. Yes! And if your seeking guidance from a friend be selective on who you choose. Facebook questions where all of your friends can contribute aren’t likely to give you the best outcome! I don’t even respond in a public forum when people ask for fear of being reprimanded by other mums! 😂

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    1. Hahaha! That is solid advice and so true! And there’s always that one mom on the forum who ALWAYS has to put in her two cents which apparently can only happen by condescendingly telling the questioner how stupid she’s being by doing whatever it is she’s doing 😣

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  3. I needed to read this in the first year of my son’s life. I was sooo good when pregnant and had (almost) zero contact with Dr G. Then, like a switch, baby arrived and I welcomed the bad Doc in again. I’m pleased to say that as my confidence as a parent increased after year 1, my relationship with Dr. Google has come to a satisfying end. Great advice!! #momsterslink

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