The Night Owl Bloggers

My family, like most normal adults, mistakenly believe that the day ends at midnight. It’s when you put away the late night snacks, brush your teeth and shuffle off to bed in hopes of getting enough rest to get you through another day of work.

Or at least thats how normal people think. For the night owl bloggers though, the day has only just begun. For them, this is the time when you make yourself a cup of soothing tea, pull out the laptop and catch up on all that writing you promised yourself you’ll get done today.


Who are night owl bloggers you ask? It’s the busy career men/women, the full-time students, the frazzled stay-at-home-moms, the confused teens, and others like them who need blogging as an outlet for their pent-up thoughts, emotions and ideas but just don’t have the time during the day to write. They need blogging to help them cope with the stress, confusion, depression or frustration that life throws at them. They need it for the sense of community, belonging and understanding it offers them by helping them connect with others just like them in the vast expanses of the world wide web.

So they blog through the quietness of the witching hour and are content.

Everyone needs something to help them stay sane in this crazy world, and if staying awake a few extra hours every few days helps you do that, than more power to you!

The only problem with night owl blogging? Attempting to be even vaguely coherent on too little sleep isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. And if you just happen to have a tiny tyrant in the house who insists on bouncing of the walls at the crack of dawn? Well, let’s just say that doesn’t make it any easier.

Whoever coined the advice ‘nap when they nap’ didn’t have 19 loads of laundry waiting to be done >.<
Oh well, no one ever said the pursuit of happiness was going to be easy. So write on my fellow night owl bloggers. After all, anything worth doing is worth making sacrifices for, right?


21 thoughts on “The Night Owl Bloggers

    1. It’s the same for me πŸ™‚ Even if she’s calmly playing with her toys, the moment I pull out the laptop she’s all over me, wanting to ‘play’ with mommy’s ‘toy’ 😝 Trying to write with a toddler around is about as effective as trying to paint the Mona Lisa with a water gun

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      1. Loool I think your daughter & my son went to the same school lol! For me, writing at night is even better, because somehow my mind is clearer and I can dig deep in my thoughts, which is plain impossible during the day with mind full of a million thing!


  1. Blogging to cope and get things out – yes! Sacrificing sleep to blog – yes! Maintaining my sanity – yes! Functioning during the day, not so much, especially while brewing the second child lol πŸ™‚

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      1. Midnight here and I just finished a post, now just have to feed the dogs, take the youngest kid to the bathroom and go read some before bed!


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