Who Let Me Adult?

Some days you get everything done and feel like Wonder Woman, while there are other days when you can’t help but ask yourself the more important questions in life…



13 thoughts on “Who Let Me Adult?

    1. Same here >.< I mean, how can I expect my toddler to understand the concept of 'no, you can't have M&Ms for dinner' while I'm more or less having chocolate ice cream for my dinner? Not exactly any 'teach by example' stuff happening there..

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      1. Our oldest kid has (relatively) recently discovered what Eddie Murphy dubbed “The Fart Game.” He drops bombs here and there, “Hey, Dad. Guess what?” *Toooooooot* or standing in front of the fan on a hot hot day “Mommy. Listen!” *tooooooot*

        Now, I realize that both of us started this with him long, long ago–me with “pull my finger” and Mom with “Sorry kid, but you can’t roll your window down on the freeway.” I mean, it’s a body function that just calls out for the funny. But the kid has taken it to a whole new level of *at will* And it’s to the point where it’s now just gross. But it’s also still kind of funny.

        Seriously, I hate not being able to laugh at stuff that if I were drunk with friends, we’d be rolling over the railings with laughter.

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