Dear Misogynists..

Dear Misogynists,

Why hello there, fancy meeting you here. Are you enjoying life in your little bubble of existence? Are you comfy in your insulation of denial? Happy in your ‘factual’ knowledge of the ‘inherent inferiority’ of women? Good good. Far be it for me to burst your heavily fortified bubble but my humble female self would like to offer you just a few guidelines in the art of NOT getting your face smashed by a member of the ‘inferior’ denizens of society:

  • Practise the art of brevity

There’s nothing we poor, inferior females like more than a man who knows his mind and who isn’t afraid to express it. Especially when his ‘mind’ is of the quality that thinks ‘because I say so’ is a valid form of argument. But still, in the interests of not getting smacked upside the head, at least try to curb your tendency towards verbosity, ok?


  • Religion is not your friend

While we poor women may not be as well-versed as you in the ways of the world, we would like to offer our humble opinion that selectively reading religious texts to suit your needs, quoting scripture out of context, ignoring the bits that contradict you or, when all else fails, completely twisting the words around to mean the opposite of what they actually mean may not be the best way to go about things. Despite what you may believe, religion is not half as misogynistic as you mistakenly think it is.

  • Silence does not mean agreement

As a lowly woman (a housewife and stay at home mom no less), far be it for me to imply that you may be a pompous, entitled jackass who doesn’t know when to shut up, but I will offer one small tidbit of advice: if someone is remaining silent through your enlightening speech on how women owe it to you to not let themselves get ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’, don’t take it to mean they are agreeing with you. They may be suppressing the urge to murder you in cold blood and its best not to poke a hornet’s nest unless you have suicidal tendencies, in which case by all means, go  right ahead with your diatribe against the ‘weaker’ sex.



6 thoughts on “Dear Misogynists..

  1. Well said. You might be interested to hear about the news coming from the state legislature in our neighboring state of Missouri. Long-term scandal involving legislate tors sexually harassing interns repeatedly. It’s all been in the news quite a bit recently, and to legislators had the brilliant idea that the solution would lie in enacting a dress code requiring modest for the female interns so that the poor legislators would not be distracted. In other words they are incapable of thought if young women are in the room. Nice.

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    1. I’ve seen this story on the news 😑 It amazes me the kind of stuff public figures like politicians, etc say without the least bit of irony. It’s like they’re living in 1921 and are completely unaware of the world around them! Have you seen any of the stuff Trump has been saying on air? It’s unbelievable that people still think like this in today’s day and age.


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