Creepy Enough For You?

Here’s the thing: I’m not exactly the bravest person out there. In fact, I’m the sort that’ll happily watch horror movies during the light of day only to fervently regret it in the dark of the night. Funny thing about scary movies, they can make the most mundane things creepy and therefore ruin them forever. After all, we only have horror movies to thank for humanity’s collective fear of dolls, right?

This week’s photography challenge asked us to share something creepy, which honestly can mean just about anything for a scaredy-cat like me, and with a toddler running about I have no shortage of creepy dolls and stuffed monkeys around the place. Which is probably why I chose to go the more cult-classic path of ‘Friday-the-13th-meets-cabin-in-the-wood’ rather than the more obvious ‘creepy-doll-with-glassy-stare’ route. What do you think? What do YOU find creepy?



6 thoughts on “Creepy Enough For You?

  1. What’s the saying? “During the day, I don’t believe in ghosts; but as soon as the sun sets, I’m much more open minded.”

    I’ve never found dolls or anything doll like to be particularly creepy. After all, I’m bigger than they are. Even if they came to life, I could drop kick them to the next room, or pound them to dust with a baseball bat. Ghosts are creepy because they’re not supposed to be here. I find mirrors to be creepy. I don’t like ’em. I wrote a post about that way back. I think it’s because I saw way too many ghost movies as a kid and they used mirrors a lot in those movies. Something’s behind you in the mirror! Quick, turn around! Now it’s gone! No! It’s not! Now you’re dead. Yeah, screwed me up for life.

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