Why Does a Toddler need a Toy Mop in her Toy Box?

In the not-so-distant past, the feminist in me was always a little (to put it mildly) miffed by the proliferation of toys in stores that, to me at least, seemed nothing more or less than ‘housewife training equipment’. Why in God’s name would a toddler require a miniature mop and broom in her toy box?? What is this, 1955? Are we supposed to train our babies to be prim and proper housewives from birth now? Should I be enrolling her in finishing school so she doesn’t bring shame upon the family when she doesn’t know the proper technique required to fold a napkin into a swan for Tuesday night dinner?

Let’s just say that the not-yet-married-fresh-out-of-college-working-woman version of me was prone to getting pretty worked up over things.

Fast forward a few years and the married-stay-at-home-mom-to-a-toddler version of me is still quite prone to getting worked up over the enforced cutey pie pinkification that is the toy industry. The only difference is that at least now I understand why the mop and broom variety of toys exist.

For those of you not blessed/inflicted with a toddler, suffice it to say that though they are an endless source of happiness and love in your life, they can also be the source of unending frustration and stress-induced panic attacks.

As they grow from a gurgling baby to a energetic toddler, they start learning all sorts of adorable ‘grown-up’ things like trying to eat with a spoon or pretending to make tea with their itty bitty tea set.


But cuteness quickly goes out the window when you can’t accomplish even simple tasks like vacuuming the living room without a screaming toddler demanding that you hand over the vacuum, right. this. instant.

I fail to understand why our babies are more interested in the dish rag in our hand than the toy box bursting with spanking new toys right in front of them. Is it simply that they want what they don’t have or do they think it’s a new kind of toy that they are being deprived of? Do I look like I’m having so much fun scrubbing the kitchen floor that my toddler decides the mop must be the most fun toy there ever was and her cruel mommy is denying her that fun?


So yes, I get it now. I get why toy mops and irons and laundry hampers exist. It’s so that mommy can maybe finish doing the laundry without having to bat a miniature version of herself off the laundry hamper 17 times because mini me is happily playing with her own ‘hamper’ complete with clothes hangers and iron.

Just one piece of advice to toy makers: stop making every such toy bright pink and marketing it only to girls. Our baby boys enjoy happily pushing a mini vacuum around the room just as much as our baby girls do.


22 thoughts on “Why Does a Toddler need a Toy Mop in her Toy Box?

  1. Agreed! I used to get really shirty with the people at McDonald’s when they asked our kids whether they wanted to “boy toy” or the “girl toy” in their Happy Meal. Not sure how effective my lectures about ending gender stereotyping were in that setting…

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. I’m not fond of pink, but mostly I would love to be able to buy a tea set for my little boy. But gosh, those pink plastics are beyond ugly! And he has pink stuff (we’re on the same page about gender education) but the kid’s favorite color us blue. Would anyone please care to make that boy some blue cookery ware?!

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    1. Lol! Way too much gendering in the toy aisles. You just know you’ve strayed into the ‘girl’ section of the toy aisle when everything around you is pink! I like pink, I have nothing against it, but there’s just too much pink in those aisles! Give us a choice damn it!


  3. Well said! Bumbi always likes the primary colored version of a toy (blocks for example) over the pastel pink/purple tones. Why must everything be shades of pink for girls?! And yes, I broke down for the toy broom too which doubles as a sword – toddlers are so creative.

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    1. I caved for the toy vacuum and I’m glad I did. Now every time I vacuum I can do so quickly because Lilly is happily pushing around her own vacuum and not clinging to mine :p
      And yes, why do boys get normal primary colors while girls get pink/purple? I went to get Lilly a push car the other day and the ‘girl’ version was pink with heavy eye lashes on the cartoon eyes on the hood and big red lips while the ‘boy’ version was a normal red and yellow w car with normal cartoon eyes and a pencilled mouth >.< Seriously??


    1. Lol! I think taking it as flattery is the best way to take it :p
      And personally, I’m a sucker for pink as well but the way ‘girls’ toys are specifically and aggressively pink can get annoying 😑


  4. My kids lose the plot when my husband hoovers – they both HATE the noise. I have to take them out whilst he does it!

    Ironically, the other day at a play group, he argued with another little boy over who got to play with the pink Henry hoover, even though there was an arguably much more butch Dyson lying neglected just feet away…

    x Alice


  5. I have thought this very same thing so many times! It’s right up there with why do the disney princesses always seem to need a man. Most irritating. On a lighter note I LOVE the picture of the little girl with the pearls and 50’s do! So precious! Thank you for linking with #momsterslink and I must apologize that I am behind in my commenting as the new #momsterslink is today! 😀

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