Tribute (to the Best Blog Post in the World)

Ever hear that random as hell song by Tenacious D called ‘Tribute to the Best Song in The World’? If you haven’t (which is very likely unless you had a very eclectic taste in music in your teens), than the short version is that it’s about how the singer and his brother get cornered by a demon who threatens to eat their souls unless they sing him the best song in the world.

So they do, and it is apparently the best song in the world.

Than they forget the song.

Than they write this song which is a tribute to the best song in the world.

Yes I listened to some very weird stuff in my early teens.

The point is, something very similar happened to me last night. No, I wasn’t threatened by a rouge demon, and I didn’t write the best song in the world, but I did manage to come up with a pretty great blog post idea right before I fell asleep, and of course I promptly forget every single detail of it by the time I was lucid enough to write it down.

So yes dear readers, this post is not the great post you might have gotten if it had not been wiped completely from my memory, it is but a tribute to that great post.

I don’t remember what that post was about, what made it great or how I thought of it, but I do remember that it was totally awesome and it would have blown your mind, made you reevaluate your entire life’s philosophies and would have probably ended world hunger in the process.


Not to mention that writing it would have probably propelled my average blog to blogging world superstardom and I would have been drowning in hundreds of comments and shares right about now.


pictured: how I imagine blogging superstardom

But I forgot it, so all you get is this tribute.

Don’t you just hate how your mind messes with you like that?

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer for that elusive 15 minutes of Internet fame.


8 thoughts on “Tribute (to the Best Blog Post in the World)

  1. Hilarious. I wish I’d written this! And that song? Was like a ridiculous cult party anthem for us when it came out. Everyone would stop what they were doing and dance and sing dramatically to it. Great memories!

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