Can a Street have an Identity Crisis?

Getting from point A to point B sounds easy enough in theory, but add torrential monsoon rains to the equation and the practice becomes just a tad more complicated. Case in point: trying to get home from work while the streets are having some sort of identity crisis and pretending to be rivers.




yes, that is inside the car, yes those are my feet, and yes I’m driving (stopped at a red light) while mt friend gleefully takes pictures of my feet

Maybe this stay at home mom thing (with no commute) isn’t so bad after all. Not living in tropical climates anymore of course also helps.

What’s the best or worst commute you’ve ever had to deal with?
In response to the weekly photography challenge.


14 thoughts on “Can a Street have an Identity Crisis?

      1. Ah! I know much of Texas has been looking like this lately, so I thought maybe you were there. My sister and her family have been in Austin for years, and they’ve really had flooding problems this spring.


      2. Lahore’s problem stems from poor drainage that’s not enough to deal with the heavy rains we get there every monsoon season… I’ve seen Texas in the news lately and I’m glad we’re on the East Coast!

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      3. I’m pretty envious. I was in Ireland about 12 years ago and absolutely loved it. And truthfully, practically anywhere has to be more reasonable for thinking people than Texas.


  1. Jeez that is extreme! The best commute I’ve ever had is the one I currently have! We live in an apartment in the city centre and I work no more than a block away. It takes me less than five minutes from my front door to the door to work and I love it! Unfortunately I think I’m spoiling myself, eventually I’ll move out to the suburbs and I won’t be able to deal with getting up hours before I have to be at work!

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  2. Wow, that is a memorable photo of water in your car! There’s been some crazy flooding near my area last night and today. I think the worst commute I had was when I lived in the city and took subways everywhere – when there were delays it could get pretty crazy (and smelly).


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