Spring, What Spring?

I think Lahore missed the memo that there’s supposed to be a little season called spring in between winter and summer. I think my toddler had the right idea when she demanded ice cream for lunch…


In response to day 2 of Five Photo Five Story Challenge. Today I nominate Jessie from Behind the Willlows just so I can see more photographs of her adorable kids doing the most adorable things :p


8 thoughts on “Spring, What Spring?

  1. Hmmm… adorable kids? adorable things? I’ll see what I can do! 🙂 Also it’s much too hot where you are!!! It’s only in the 40’s here this morning but it’s warm by the baby chicks!!!

    P.S. I LOVE baby chicks! 🙂

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  2. I had to look up Lahore since I didn’t know where that was, exactly, in the world… And no wonder it’s hot there! It’s chilly here in Seattle. I’m still wearing jackets outside. But at least the sun is shining more often than not, so that’s a start, no?

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    1. Lol! Well it’s about the same pleasant weather in Pennsylvania where I live so I’m looking forward to heading back there :p Ramadan (month of fasting) is coming in June this year when it’ll be even hotter and more humid so I really feel bad for my family in Lahore who’ll have to fast in that weather 😳


      1. I’m familiar with Ramadan. It’s from sun up to sun down, correct? It must be awful when it falls in the summer. >_< And you're right, I'd hate to have to fast in that kind of weather.

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    1. Yes we do and yes it is exhausting! It’s almost over now (Thursday is the last day!) and though it’s spiritually a great month, I’ll be happy to get the break from the constant cooking it entails. When the family is fasting, leftovers/takeouts just don’t cut it and making fresh food daily for 5-12 people (depending on who all is coming over to break fast with you) isn’t easy.


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