Procrastinating housewife’s guide to wintertime chores

Ah yes, spring is in the air and we finally seem to be close to shaking off the icy grip of winter’s clammy fingers. 

pictured: winter’s clammy fingers

Everyone likes to hate on winter, the least liked of all the seasons. Me though, I like winter, if only because of the opportunities for procrastination it offers up. If Pinterest is anything to go by (and apparently it is), everyone yearns to be the perfect housewife/homemaker these days, but in reality, perfection is easier pinned than achieved. Winter though, with its layers of coats and scarves and snow, offers us not-so-perfect housewives at least the allusion of perfection. For instance:

1) Presentation is key so make sure to iron your husbands clothes daily. Though of course there’s no need to go crazy with it. Just iron the collar and cuffs, the rest will be covered by a sweater anyway. If by any chance your husband isn’t into sweaters, this might be a good time to gift him a few so he wears them, if only to escape your wrath.

ugly sweater
Don’t worry darling, the people at the office will love it!

2) when going grocery shopping, there’s no real need to change out of those pjs or do your hair. Simply pull on a long winter coat, pop on a hat and be on your way!

3) There is nothing quite like a home cooked meal but cooking every day isn’t the easiest of household duties. Remember: when all else fails, no one will say no to soup in the winter so simply whip up a load of broth and freeze it. Every day simply pull out a days worth, add your choice of meat and veggies and hey presto! Dinner is served!


Enjoyed the tips on how to give the allusion of wintertime perfection? Then stay tuned for the procrastinating housewife’s guide to spring cleaning!



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