6 Lies I Told Today

1) I don’t need any help, I can manage.

2) Oh she’s an angel always! She never throws tantrums!

3) No I’m not dieting, I’m just not in the mood for pizza tonight.

max brenner hot chocolate
or in the mood for amazingly delicious hot chocolate…

4) Hahaha! That highly sexist joke about stay-at-home moms you just told was SO funny and not at all offensive!

5) I’m definitely going to the gym tomorrow. 

this depressingly empty gym..

6) Oh don’t worry, I don’t mind running after my hyperactive toddler while you guys eat, I wasn’t hungry anyway.


7 thoughts on “6 Lies I Told Today

  1. I can rename this to five lies I’ve never told. ^_^ But I’m a blunt somebody and my friends expect that from me. Ha! Those who can’t take it don’t stay friends for very long, but to each their own, right? The world is made up of different people and that’s what makes it amazing.


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