Hidden Treasure, Motherhood and Lies

There’s nothing quite like a freshly made blueberry muffin, if I do say so myself.  blueberry muffin 

In a bid to get my fussy toddler to eat something I’ve taken to hiding fruits and vegetables in the otherwise not-so-healthy sugary stuff she wants to eat 24/7. Hence the innocent looking muffin above stuffed full of fresh blueberries.

What can I say, deviousness and straight faced lies are part and parcel of being a mom. 

How is Lilly dealing with this newly devious mom? Let’s just say my toddler’s idea of hidden treasure isn’t exactly the same as mine..



11 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure, Motherhood and Lies

      1. Easy peasy. Pick your vegetable and blend it to make a paste with bread crumbs. Flour it, egg it, and fry it in a few tbs. of oil. Done and done.
        Pretend that this food is VERY bad for them. The whole thing works better if they think they’re getting away with something.

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