Impatience Thy Name is Toddler

Life is full of important moments, especially where babies are concerned. Which is why camera phones are a godsend to proud parents everywhere who want to capture said moments in photograph form so that they can annoy all their non-parent friends with an endless stream of 'cute' pictures till said friends start to seriously reevaluate their friendship.

With toddlers though, it's very difficult to capture such moments on camera due to a toddler's inbuilt need for incessant movement. Perhaps they think they are like sharks and horrible things will happen to them if they stop moving, who knows.

So here's to impatient toddlers everywhere and good luck to proud Mommies trying to take a non-blurry picture of those adorable moments.

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12 thoughts on “Impatience Thy Name is Toddler

  1. Ain’t that the truth. I have a method– I just keep snapping and snapping, with no idea what pics I’ve taken, until she stops being cute, then I go through all the pics and, maybe, there’s one that isn’t blurry. Maybe.

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      1. Yeah, I didn’t mention that part. Usually, I run out of memory just as we get to whichever destination for which the camera is imperative, and spend the first hour or so of our fun time deleting blurry pics. Just remember that the answer to “why didn’t you delete all these pictures 3 months ago? is always:
        “Shut up”.

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  2. uh oh time for a chain-link lock! ha ha We have ours installed almost at the top of the door. Looks weird, but keeps the animals locked in 🙂
    So true about the pictures, too. My 8 month old was giggling like crazy so I ran to get my phone. Of course, he was all frowns by the time I got back!


    1. Oh I know that feeling! Lilly will be laughing and smiling but the minute I point a camera at her she’ll get this serious look on her face. Half my family back home who only get to see Lilly in pictures keep asking me why my child never smiles! It’s annoying to say the least >.<

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