The Streets are Burning

Very few people enjoy their morning commutes, not unless they live on an insanely beautiful tropical island where they get to see majestic landscapes and rare animals on a daily basis, and even than it probably gets boring after a while. When you live in a place like Pakistan though, lets just say there’s never a dull moment, not even on your morning commute.


In response to the Photography 101 prompt ‘street’. Although it may be cheating to use an old picture as opposed to taking a new one, I immediately thought of this when I read the prompt and though I don’t live in Pakistan anymore, it is still my home, even if the streets are periodically on fire. 


24 thoughts on “The Streets are Burning

  1. I’m fairly new to WordPress, but I have taken two other Blogging Classes and what I have learned is there is no ‘cheating’. We are expressing our individual creativity within the subject chosen for a particular class, and did you even have a choice when you saw the assignment was Streets and you had such a powerful photo to share with us! Thank you.
    Happy to have found your site.

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    1. It was connected to political unrest that was going on in the country at large a few months back. Burning tires in the streets and disrupting daily life is a normal way to voice protest back home :p


    1. In honesty you can’t compare your situation with anyone else’s, no? No matter the situation, there will always be someone who has it worse :p But yes, Pakistan can be volatile. I’m heading home to visit my family in a week or so! Looking forward to that 🙂

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      1. Very true! I hope you have a great visit when you go and hopefully no burning streets! (Does that mean you are flying with the little one? I’m a flying with kids wimp!)


      2. Yes I’m flying with the little one and it scares me! I’ve only flown with her once before but she was only a few months old so didn’t bother me much. Now she’s an energetic toddler and its a 13 hour flight! Yikes 😦


  2. All I can day is Wow! That certainly is a sight to see on one’s morning commute, such a mundane activity.

    I hope when you get to go home again that there won’t beany sights like this…:)

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