Brilliance at 4am

They say we have our best ideas at night. They say that if you need to write a paper, a book, a blog post or just that stellar resume you’ve been meaning to put together you should probably keep a notebook or iPad next to your bed because halfway through the night is probably when you’re going to get the perfect idea and good luck trying to remember it in the morning.

Me, I always get my best blog post ideas at 3am when the baby won’t go back to sleep and I’m in a half zombified state. So yes, I tend to keep my phone handy in case I want to jot down any flashes of brilliance that may come to me before the sunrise chases them away.

Apparently my mind works on vampire logic..

Being in a half asleep state when I jot down these ‘flashes of brilliance’ of course means that in general, I don’t know what to expect when I go through the resulting disjointed words the next day.

Last night though? I don’t know what was going through my head because apparently, I jotted down a(surprisingly coherent) Phd thesis proposal.

Ok then.

So either that’s my minds way of telling me it’s time to apply for that Phd I’ve always dreamed of doing, or that I only get brilliant ideas at 4:24am when there’s a teething toddler banging her empty sippy cup on my head.

With my luck it’s probably the latter.



Image courtesy of: Deviant Art




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