It’s Over Book! (Or Not)

I'll just leave this here then…


Image courtesy of: The Awkward Yeti



6 thoughts on “It’s Over Book! (Or Not)

  1. Haha! Yes!

    Though I have a kindle, I have been very reluctant to completely stow the good-old-fashioned book. I’ve developed this half system where books I really love get to live on my shelves in lovely paper form, while ones I’ve merely purchased for a bit of a read are kept on kindle. I just can’t bear to part with them! I don’t think books will ever truly be replaced.

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  2. Ha! I feel the same way. I have both a reafer, as well as my computer of course, and regular ol’ books. My faves are the books. I don’t mind using a reader or the computer, but books themselves are a different kind of good love 🙂


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