The Secrets We Keep From The Internet

Secrets are important. Secrets make the world go round and secrets help us keep the peace in an otherwise crazy world. And secrets keep us safe when it comes to posting information online.

So yes, everyone has secrets. You have secrets, I have secrets, that shifty eyed checkout girl at the Trader Joe's down the street definitely has a few secrets.

We need our secrets to keep us sane, especially when it comes to the highly public virtual world we live in these days thanks to Facebook, Instagram and the like.


Which of course means that the most important secrets we keep nowadays are the secrets we keep from the Internet. We definitely need more of those. In today's world of over sharing and almost no privacy, there have to be things that we don't put online, right?

The most important secret I keep (or try to at least) from the internet? My identity. I write what I know and I try to be as honest as I can, but my real name doesn't need to be part of that honesty. So yes, Sally is a pen name and I can live with that. Who needs friends and family scrutinising every word you write only to insist that this or that piece of sarcasm was aimed at them personally? Or that you are somehow 'representing' them online and therefore need to be careful what opinions you air? Thanks but no thanks. Life is stressful enough as is without me creating further drama for myself.

So what are some of the secrets you keep (or you think people in general should keep) from the internet?



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19 thoughts on “The Secrets We Keep From The Internet

  1. For having a blog where I don’t hide my identity. I have so many secrets. So many topics I would LOVE to write about, that I have goo gobs to say about but won’t because of the possibility of offending family and friends. I have even written posts on other topics and not posted them because they just came a little too close to something that someone close to me could take the wrong way. Now that the kids are getting older, especially the oldest, very few of her stories make it on as well. I’d love to share (and honestly bitch) about some of them but I don’t think that’s the right thing to do. Sometimes I wish I had stayed anonymous and sometimes I think it’s probably good that I didn’t or I’d do nothing but rage and vent! This way on bad days I just post pictures of my cute dog instead, probably overall better, but sometimes it would feel so good to let it all out!

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  2. Never write down what you don’t want read. has always been a motto of mine. It works the same for the internet. Secrets are only secrets so long as they are left unspoken/unread because once it’s out there, it’s not a secret anymore.

    In other words, I totally agree with you. šŸ™‚

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    1. That’s a good motto to live by šŸ™‚ But today’s era of no privacy takes it to a whole new level! I know it makes me sound a whole lot older than my 29 years but the sheer amount of info people put online scares me. Nothing is a secret anymore..


      1. We at least can have some level of restraint when it comes to online sharing, it’s the kids that need to realise there’s such a thing as too much sharing šŸ˜‘. I’m dreading the time when my baby is going to be a teenager

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  3. I’m with you on this. I realize that I’ve come out from the cover of anonymity just a bit more recntyly, but it’s still important to me to keep my blog mostly anonymous.

    I don’t really even use social media if it’s not blog related. I don’t have the time, or rather don’t want to devote the time to it. But also, I don’t have a desire to put everything out there. And I don’t want to get into it too much with people I know, just because it’s frustrating and that I Really don’t have time for.


  4. I don’t often use my real name. Although I’m easy enough to stalk, I keep my Instagram and Facebook fairly tight. I don’t share easy to identify photos of my son’s face on my blog (except for rare circumstances). I don’t ever whinge about the real issues in my relationship past or present (I keep it shallow). I keep some things sacred.
    I’m really honest and open as a person, but there’s nothing wrong with protecting some things too. I hope I find the balance well.

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  5. I’ve decided that I’ll keep my identity secret too, but I’m pretty sure that there’s enough tidbits that if someone who knows me in real life found my blog, they might be able to work it out.
    Sometimes I want to go “stuff it” and remove the anonymity, but then I remember why I went online in the first place and decide to keep it as-is.

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      1. I’ve got a few things where I’m like “should I share?”, because they are a big part of my life, but I think they would make me too identifiable.
        Like uni – do I say where I am? There are 3 campuses for the university, and something like 1,000 students in my course, so maybe that would be OK to share…
        I figure that as long as I don’t share any photos of my face, or mention actual names, I can probably get away with it – I try to only share things that identify what “population” I belong to (eg married nursing students who love cats), but keep enough ambiguity to make it difficult to work out who I am specifically.

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