No Such Thing as Perfection Ladies


Being a wife and mother is a beautiful thing and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. At the same time those two are probably the most frustration-causing, nervous breakdown inducing, under appreciated and difficult hats a woman has to wear.

It may sound trite to say that only a mother can understand the frustrations of another mother, but it’s true enough.

In most families and cultures mothers are expected to be amazing cooks, great housekeepers, have perfect and well behaved children, always be smiling and manage to achieve all of this without getting a wrinkle in their dress or a hair out of place.


Sure there might be women out there who can achieve all that and more but for the majority of us, achieving even a fraction of this is a constant battle that can often reduce us to tears.

It’s not just society though that places these unrealistic expectations on us, we do a lot of it to ourselves. We see these beautiful people on our TV screens and magazine covers and beat ourselves up over not looking like that, even though we know a lot of it is makeup and Photoshop magic. We go to a friends immaculately clean house and feel guilty about that cluttered living room we haven’t vacuumed in 3 days, not realizing that our friends living room probably looked just like ours a few hours ago. We see well behaved kids in a restaurant and blush over our wailing baby, not having seen those ‘well behaved kids’ throw a tantrum at the mall earlier.

I think it’s time we cut ourselves some slack and stop trying to attain a standard of perfection that only exists on billboards. Its time we stop mistaking Facebook updates and Instagram pictures for our friends daily lives instead of realizing that we all only share our most photogenic moments online and those are not us 100% of the time. It’s time we stopped judging others based on a set of ideals that we ourselves are far from achieving.

No one is perfect and it’s time we stopped thinking others are while berating ourselves for our imperfections.






14 thoughts on “No Such Thing as Perfection Ladies

  1. I couldnt agree more. way too mant ideals for women today to live up to….and so hard to live up to. we put way too much pressure on ourselves… there is just not enough time to do all the things we would need to to be the perfect housewife… unless we didnt sleep. even then still not enough time 🙂 I think the most important thing is to be happy and have a happy family.


  2. It’s been a long time since my kids were kids (youngest is 25 *sob*) but even in the eighties women still had that whole “gotta be perfect” BS going on. I never bought into it. I was too busy chasing four kids around. Ha!

    If people of any walk of life are too busy trying to live up to whatever ideal there is in that walk of life, be it the perfect wife, mother, business person, or even, I dunno, college student, then they’ll never have time to, you know, actually live. I chose then (and I chose now) to live… Leave the ideals to fairy tales where they belong.

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  3. Before I became a mom, actually when I want sure I’d every be a mom and wife, I learned this little town: “Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outside. ” Or had helped me immensely in so many facets of life.

    Sometimes I forget that little token, but when I do is gratifying and releasing all at once.

    The pressure to preform is so great, but when I let go of my crazy (often) unrealistic expectations, this ate usually better, if not still hard! 🙂

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