Silence? No Thank You

Before motherhood and babies, silence was a normal part of life: sometimes a welcome reprieve from a hectic lifestyle while at other times a sign of boredom to be counteracted with popcorn-fueled How I Met Your Mother marathons.

After motherhood though? Well let's just say that with a toddler in the house, silence is always suspect.


Case in point: our chaotic evening this past weekend.

The husband and I have recently launched ourselves into a fitness routine in a bid to finally shed the extra pounds we've both been carrying around for a while now. Three days into the routine though makes for two very achy-painy and exhausted parents ready to call it a night at 8pm. Pair that with a day spend cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, diapering, feeding, tidying, and everything else in between, and it's no wonder neither the husband nor I noticed the silence till it was too late.

Lilly, the ever rambunctious explorer, managed to get her hands on her half-full bottle of milk, unscrew the top and pour everything down the back of the brand new sofa.


Double crap

So instead of going to bed early like we planned, we spent a lovely evening vigorously scrubbing sofa cushions, all the time dreading that we would leave some milk in there and have to live with a rancid milk smell in our living room for all eternity. After 30 minutes of frantic 'scrub, rinse and repeat' though, I was pretty sure we got most of the milk and everything was as clean as it was ever going to be.

'Maybe we should flip the sofa over, just to be sure nothing seeped through', my husband suggested.

'Sure' I agreed absentmindedly, already dreaming of my soft bed.

Yup, there was a puddle of milk underneath the sofa.

So we did the only thing we could do: we cut open the bottom lining of the sofa and spend another hour scrubbing everything we could reach inside.

So yes, overall a great evening. Silence? No thank you. Give me a noisy house over a silent toddler any day of the week.




25 thoughts on “Silence? No Thank You

  1. Ohhh milk in the couch is terrible!!! The last time we had a silent 3yr old I found marker on her head board, door frame, bottom of her foot and a small hitler like mustache on her face. She tried to pass it all off as an “accident” I was not fooled. Silence is trouble!

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    1. Silence is definitely trouble! Thankfully our couch survived the ordeal, though it will carry the scar of a torn apart and stitched back up lining for the rest of its days :p


  2. YES!! Whenever I have been extremely productive, I have to stop and think… “Okay what is wrong here?” Oh–the silence! What is that sneaky girl up to? Usually pulling the wipes out of her container one by one. How she always manages to Houdini get the wipes down is beyond me 🙂 Bring on the chatter! Bring on the noise! I’m so sorry about your couch.. I wish I could say we’ve never been there.. but we totally have. 🙂

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      1. Oh dear! Hopefully not. One thing I’ve found really good is hiring one of those upholstery cleaners (we can get them at supermarkets over here) – it certainly gets rid of the smell of cat sick, so I’m sure it would work on milk 🙂

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  3. Oh no. Glad the new couch survived though. I sometimes suspect that the kids lie awake for a few minutes each night, dreaming up new offences to test us with the next morning. Seems probable, right?

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  4. Aaaaahhhhhh! I just went for you, mentally that is. Oh my oh my oh my. Silent toddler = big problems more often than not. I’m pretty sure that’s how Baby Boy wrote on the walls the other day. (just for the record, I wasn’t near, Hun was. I’m not sure he’s fully learned the toddler quiet, no good bit yet lol).

    I’m so glad you two got all the milk up thiugh, that’s an incredible feat. Nonetheless, thiugh I hold silence dear and love me some quiet time, I’d much rather hear play noises and the constant talking from Baby Boy while he’s awake than not. 🙂


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