The Pressure of Division [Guest Post]

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Welcome back to the Resolution Revolution Blog Series dear readers 🙂 Todays post is brought to you by Life Breath Present who runs an ever growing blog about motherhood, life, babies and everything in between. She is a blogger who wears many hats, including mother, wife, sister, photographer, aspiring cook and many more. Today, she shares with us her take on the resolution EVERYONE should espouse this New Years.

 The Pressure of Division

post by: Life Breath Present

The pressure of division – moms at home, moms that work, whole food eaters, fast food eaters, natural birth, hospital birth, vaccination, non vaccination, race, ethnicity, sexuality, political differences.

There’s so much pressure to be in one camp or another. I know it’s easier to classify others, but the mere classification of others is inherently decisive. There are some that fit neatly into others’ classification and some who don’t. There are those who resist all classification because it’s more painful to be divided among others than not. There are still others who thrive on being classified. None of this is fair to another though. Not when we classify others for our own benefit.

classify, classification, others, people, fault, unknown, fear

Each person or family has a right to live as they please, so long as they’re not harming another. I may not like or personally approve of something another person or family is doing, but that personal dislike or personal disapproval doesn’t give me the right to infringe on their choices.

Just because I prefer to eat whole foods doesn’t mean I can’t or don’t ever eat processed foods. It also doesn’t mean I think those who eat only processed foods are bad people. If I believe in homeschooling, it doesn’t mean that we can’t discuss the public school system. After all, my homeschooled child(ren) will interact with your publicly schooled child. They will all be in charge of the world. It also doesn’t mean that because I don’t vaccinate my child, I think I have a right to tell you what to do with your child. Nor do any of our differences mean that there isn’t something we fully agree on, there isn’t some way we can even be friends or help one another out.


Let’s face it, if we stopped spending so much time and energy worrying about or attempting to control others, our lives would be so much less stressful. Our lives would be, shall I say, easier. Besides, at the end of the day one person cannot control another person and you definitely can’t do it purely for your own selfish comfort. It sometimes could be as simple as saying, “no”. Yes, easier said than done, but not if you don’t practice saying “no” to others. And, just to clarify, saying “no” to others for your comfort or benefit is not the same as saying “no you can’t do x” and therefore attempting to control them. Setting boundaries and understanding what your role is in your life and the lives of others.

All in all, I don’t believe in breeding hate and mistrust. But classifying others does just that. It creates situations like these:

Trayvon Martin (Wikipedia link for simplicity’s sake)

Man shot in store

Man walking with hands in pocket stopped by police

Child shot by police in park

And so many more…..Couldn’t these situations have been handled differently or maybe even just left alone?

So, isn’t it time we stop worrying about others? Isn’t it time we stop looking for ways to be divided against one another? Isn’t it time we all just worry about ourselves, yet be open enough to help someone else or at least listen to their ideas?

What do you think? What would you change about the world around you?


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