11 Things You Should Never Say to a Stay-at-Home Mom

1) You didn’t get time to cook dinner? What were you doing all day? (If you want to get a frying pan flattened across your forehead than go ahead and say this. If not, then just stay quiet and order pizza. Maybe offer to massage herย feet while you’re at it.)

or even better, take her out for some Chinese food
or even better, take her out for some Chinese food

2) Your baby’s socks don’t match. (Yes I know they don’t match. Don’t judge me!)

3) Are you going to let your baby eat that for lunch? I only do organic food that I cook myself. (That’s great but unless you’re offering to cook for my kids, shut up,and leave me alone)

4) Did you know there’s dust on the ceiling fan? When are you going to clean that? (Warning: the housewife in front of you is either about to burst into tears or attack you with a knitting needle.)

5) You let your baby watch TV? (Yes. Yes I do.)

6) Look at you all dressed up! Good on you! (They say flattery gets you everywhere but being condescending gets you no where..)

7) You should put on some makeup. (Um, I am wearing makeup… Excuse me while I go cry in the bathroom..)

8) You’re still in pjs at 2pm? (You try taking a shower with a toddler attached to your knee!)

True story
True story

9) You should really try to lose that baby weight otherwise you’ll be stuck with it forever. (Do you think I’m not trying to lose the extra pounds genius?)

10) You’re a stay at home mom? That’s so nice! I’d kill to be able to laze around at home all day! (Do you want to get killed? Because this is how you get yourself killed.)

11) Oh you have a Mommy Blog? That’s so adorable! (See 6 and 10 above)


What would you add to this list dear readers?



16 thoughts on “11 Things You Should Never Say to a Stay-at-Home Mom

  1. Here’s one I heard from a working mom “friend” whose two daughters ended up being ho’s by their mid-teens: “Aren’t you worried your kids will be totally un-socialized nerds because they’re home with you all the time rather than learning about the world in day care?” That was about the point when I cut this person out of my life.

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  2. How is that (random object) going to be there? Why don’t you do (insert any task) since you’re home all day anyway?

    Our jobs are not easy and we never really get a day off, let alone a 15 (or even 5) minute break. Forget about a 30-60 minute lunch, unheard of! ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Yeah, I’m honestly good to get a decent shower Alone twice a week. Thanks to th no-napping child I have! When I can’t take it anymore Baby Boy and I just shower together. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. For awhile it seemed we could only family shower because Baby Boy either needed to be held (too young to sit) or wanted to be held. Eventually, he started playing mostly on his own but out of the water and now he’ll play kind of in the water and kind of out. But he’s a bit better about following directions, too (like time to rinse ofd, where he backs slowly into the water). It’s actually kinda funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Bingo! In India, you would also probably hear this from your mom or mother-in-law or an elderly – We did more back in our times for our kids than you can probably do for your kids today! Feel like saying – Good for you, that you were a superwoman. I am not, so just leave me alone.

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